Emil Khooda

Emil Khooda Emil Khooda B.A., M.Div
  • Graduate & Seminary Admissions Counselor



B.A. -Biola; M.Div -Multnomah University

What I love about MU

I recently earned my M.Div at Multnomah and have always loved the faculty and education I received here.  The faculty are amazing people to bounce ideas and struggles off with.  I also deeply appreciated that they kept their theological agendas at the door and allowed their classrooms be environments where students made their faith and theological beliefs their own.  When it comes to the education I received, I’ve truly become such a different person over my four year academic journey.  I’ve learned more and more how to reflect the servant heart of Christ and how to engage cultures more deeply and meaningfully.

Favorite thing to do in Portland

I LOVE to engage with people!  People fascinate me to truly no end.  Portland is blessed with such eclectic groups of individuals that I’m constantly engaging with different forms of thought and belief.  I’m fascinated why people believe what they believe and what makes up their passions and worldviews.  Portland offers me the opportunities to engage with either a struggling homeless man, an aging hipster or a thoughtful atheist. 

Favorite Verse

“There is therefore no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.” Romans 8:1

This verse is very simple but so deeply engrained within my soul.  I experienced and did some very troubling things in my youth and this verse constantly reminds me that my past is my past and I’m now a new creation in the Lord!

Who I spend my time with and what I spend my time doing

My wife Erin is the love of my life!  She has played such a key aspect in my growth as a man and husband.  I spend most of my time with her because not only is she my dear wife but she’s genuinely my very best friend.  I also have some very close couple friends that are very dear to me as well.  I really enjoy long walks (music or podcasts is a must!), working out (wonderful form of stress relief), reading books (I could literally live in Powell’s for the rest of my life and be content) and watch movies (I’m a sucker with anything with aliens or superheroes!).

Advice I would give new students

Treat your education as a constant process to more and more reflect the Person and character of Christ.  Seek to be more and more reflective on how you can be more like the Jesus of the gospels and less and less on how to get an “A.”  Coming to Multnomah is an incredible opportunity to seek Christ daily and meaningfully so make the most of this chapter of your God story!