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Gina Berquist

Gina Berquist
Gina Berquist
  • VP of Enrollment Management


Gina Berquist has held various positions at Multnomah University for the past 23 years, including executive director of enrollment, vice president of enrollment, director of recruitment/admissions and assistant director of financial aid.

Gina has been serving as the university's vice president of administration/chief administrative officer since 2011. She is responsible for developing goals, strategies and budgets for several of MU's departments, including Financial Aid, Admissions, Resources and Events, Marketing, Information Technology, Human Resources and Campus Facilities.

She received a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Education at Multnomah and a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership at Regent University.

Gina enjoys interacting with students by teaching outdoor PE classes at MU. Over the past 18 years, she has taught Mountaineering, Hiking, Running, Backpacking and Snow Shoeing. In her free time, Gina regularly engages in hiking, running, backpacking and kayaking. She has completed two marathons and climbed seven Northwest mountains.