Hannah Adams

Hannah Adams
Hannah Adams


My degrees

B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia - Currently pursuing an M.DIV in Spiritual Formation

Why did I choose Multnomah

Because of the evident love for God, His word and for His children; God called me to this school and I answered in obedience!

What do I love most about Multnomah

The authentic and meaningful relationships. Whether student to student, faculty to faculty or student to faculty, people genuinely care for one another and it shows. I am blessed to sit under great men and women of God who love His Word and teach it well. It is a gift to be able to study the Bible day in and day out, and be surrounded by peers who want to know God better. Every day is Sunday here for my heart and it gives me great delight!

What I love most

Singing, dancing, laughing, hugging, reading, writing, creating, encouraging, and engaging the people I love.

Latest hobby

Teaching myself guitar

My favorite thing to do in Portland

Walk around NW 23rd street and downtown Portland with a warm cup of coffee in my hand wandering in and out of the shops and neighborhoods

Favorite book of the Bible

Deuteronomy - what a beautiful book!

States I have lived in and visited

  • Lived in: Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia
  • Visited: New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington and West Virginia