Kathy Dunbar

Kathy Dunbar
Kathy Dunbar M.A.P.S. '98
  • Central California Regional Representative



M.A.P.S. '98 - Multnomah University

Since graduating in 1998 with a Masters in Women’s Ministry, Kathy has worked in higher education. Currently, she works as an Academic Counselor at California State University, Fresno, where she thrives on the ministry opportunities that come from working alongside college students who need the hope and encouragement that only Christ can bring. Kathy also volunteers as a board member for Dakota House; a local Christian ministry that focuses on gang-related, at-risk youth in the Fresno area. In her spare time, she enjoys being an active member of her church, hiking, camping, cycling, as well as spending time with family and friends.

Why I serve at MU

My life is forever changed because of my time at Multnomah University. I moved on campus in fall 1996 for the Graduate Certificate. I applied to several Seminaries but when I was accepted to Multnomah, it was the ONLY one I was thrilled to attend. When I called the admissions office and spoke for over an hour with a gal who was a student in the same program, I was drawn in by her love and joy. Multnomah is truly a family who is living out the great commandment of loving one another. Multnomah is Biblically solid and community based, and these are the reasons I love Multnomah to this day. Not everyone gets the privilege of experiencing this. One year wasn’t enough, so I continued on for my Masters of Arts in Pastoral Studies -Women’s Ministry.

Since then, I was blessed to work for Multnomah for four years and fell in love with working in a collegiate setting. The life, excitement and anticipation that college students exude is fun to be around. They are eager to learn and become all God has created them to be. I am now at my third higher education institution, and though it is not a Christian university, I have found God to be very present. He brought me there, I have no doubt. The counseling skills and biblical foundation I gained at Multnomah have equipped me for such a calling – to share the light and love of Jesus to the world; and believe me, the light and love of Jesus MUST shine bring on college campuses! The life, excitement and anticipation of ‘secular’ students is often misdirected. I have the humble honor of pointing them to their Savior. I’ve also been involved in several ministry opportunities at my church and a few in the community. I can’t imagine not serving and being connected to the body of believers.

The Bible is the heart and core of why Multnomah was founded. The youth are on fire for the Lord and need a biblical foundation to equip them to go to the ends of the earth in any capacity. I am thrilled that the Bible/Theology major is remaining primary and that the students choose a secondary major in their chosen vocation. Options continue to grow, which is extremely appealing and makes it even easier to refer students. The anticipation at what God is doing and will do is nearly palpable. The caliber of those in leadership is amazing; God’s hand and Spirit is all over Multnomah. I miss my MU family, so being on the ALC is the best way to stay connected and to know how best to pray for the University.

Serving since 2013