Prof. Melinda Loomis

Melinda Loomis
Prof. Melinda Loomis M.A., Vocal Performance, B.Mus., Vocal Performance
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M.A., Vocal Performance- Stanford University; B.Mus., Vocal Performance- Trinity University of Texas

Melinda Atkins Loomis earned degrees from Trinity University and Stanford University. Her teaching has been informed by her performance with concentration in Renaissance and Baroque repertory, as well as opera and particularly choral music. Mrs. Loomis is a church musician, having directed adult and children’s choirs in mainline liturgical churches, and has been a soloist in large church choirs together with her husband Paul Loomis.

In 1987, the Loomises founded the San Antonio Boys Choir (later the San Antonio Men & Boys Choir), a city-wide choir, which became a nationally and internationally known men and boys choir in its twelve year history. Pam Robinson (now Redman) and Prof. Loomis co-directed the choir its first year. The choir was chosen as one of ten American choirs in the first AmericaFest choral festival, St. John's College, Minnesota in 1996.The SAMBC made nine yearly concert tours, including one to England, and two to France at the invitation of the Paris Opera Boys Choir and the Nantes Boys Choir.

Melinda and Paul Loomis moved to the Portland area in 2000 to be closer to their family. For three years Mrs. Loomis was a music editor in the Hymnal and Worship division of Oregon Catholic Press (OCP), a major publishing house. Mrs. Loomis is a member and the choir director of St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Portland (Anglican Church in North America).