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Mike Fajen

Mike Fajen
Mike Fajen Grad Cert '89
  • Local Regional Representative



Grad Cert '89 - Multnomah University

Mike came to Multnomah in August 1988 for the Graduate Certificate Program. He shortly thereafter met his future wife, Adrienne, who was in the undergrad program. They have 3 adult children: Drew, also a Multnomah alum, is the youth minister at Spring Mountain Bible Church; Elise, a new graduate from George Fox in Business (and a co-founder of Wind-Blox with Adrienne and Mike); and Hannah, who is studying Social Work at George Fox. Mike attends Spring Mountain Bible Church (where he has served as an elder since 2003) in Clackamas, Ore.

Mike originally came to Multnomah's 1988-89 Graduate Certificate Program to prayerfully consider business as a channel for missions work. At that time, Mike and Adrienne determined that Mike's career in engineering was best for raising a family. But now, more than 20 years later, Mike has resumed a business-missions interest after developing a product that improves the cycling experience.

Since the combination of Bible and Business is what originally drew him to Multnomah, Mike is very excited about MU's Business program. And now, he considers it an honor to serve Multnomah as a member of the Alumni Leadership Council. He's looking forward to seeing how God blesses the ministry of Multnomah in years to come. 

Mike has been serving since 2013.