Dr. Rebekah Josberger

Rebekah Josberger
Dr. Rebekah Josberger B.A., M.A.O.T., M.A.R., Ph.D.
  • Assistant Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament



B.A. - Taylor University; M.A.O.T. - Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; M.A.R. - Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; Ph.D. - The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Favorite Quote

“Talking to men for God is a great thing, but talking to God for men is greater still.” –E.M. Bounds—Power Through Prayer

What I teach

I have a passion for Old Testament studies and biblical languages, particularly Hebrew. My goal is for students to learn to read and understand the Word for themselves, whether in Hebrew or English, so that they might better know its Author.

Why I teach at Multnomah

One of the first things people learn when they meet me is that I absolutely love the environment here at Multnomah. It allows me to pursue my interests while pouring into the lives of students. I get to work with colleagues I respect and admire and who share the same ideals. I am constantly amazed that a place like this exists; a place that so perfectly matches the passions of my heart — a place where lives are formed by the Word, where there is freedom to pursue honest answers through academic excellence while being aware that the ultimate goal is the transformation of lives into the likeness of Christ.

Professional interests

Since coming here in 2009, my efforts have been focused on developing a solid seminary Hebrew program that enables and encourages students to learn Hebrew well enough to use it for personal growth and ministry long after their time here is finished. I am especially delighted by the unexpected growth and community among the students. To be a Hebrew student here is to become a part of a growing ‘Hebrew family.’

I am also continuing research related to my dissertation topic, “Between Rule and Responsibility: The Role of the Father as Agent of Righteousness in Deuteronomy’s Domestic Ideology.” I have a special love for the book of Deuteronomy and share the Psalmist’s passion for the Torah as so beautifully expressed in Psalms 19 and 119.

Personal interests and hobbies

The only thing I love more than my job is my family. I am married to the man that I respect, admire, enjoy, and just plain adore more than anyone else in the world. Together we have four children, Mia, Amanda, Emily, and Haven James. We enjoy a full and noisy household, and there is never a dull moment. As a family, we love to be outdoors, camping, and hiking. We are all swimmers, and it is probably true that Josbergers are happier in water than on land. I also love to read.