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Dr. Steve Stephens

Steve Stephens
Dr. Steve Stephens M.A. in Pastoral Psychology,, Ph.D., Counseling and Clinical Psychology,
  • Adjunct Professor



M.A. in Pastoral Psychology, -Western Seminary; Ph.D., Counseling and Clinical Psychology, -Western Seminary

Favorite Quote

 Humans are indeed an odd, entertaining breed of mishaps and blunders…Yet as bizarre and screwed up as we are, beauty is threaded through our stories. Glory, dignity and grace bubble up from our souls.
-Steven James

Where I come from:

As a young child I knew that God loved me, but I didn’t want to be a Christian. I wanted to please God, but Christians and churches freaked me out. So I made a deal with God. I told him that if he would only give me a “five-minute warning” before I was going to die, I would gladly accept him into my heart. In the meantime I would do my best to say my prayers, obey my parents, and not smoke cool, hand-rolled cigarettes like Uncle Harry. I thought God and I had a pretty good deal. I kept my end of the deal, and I thought he would do the same.

About a year later I awoke suddenly in the middle of the night and sat up in terror. I heard a large plane bearing down on our house. It got louder and closer. The noise was deafening. Soon this plane would crash into my bedroom and it would all be over. God was giving me my “five-minute warning.” I quickly slipped out from under my covers, knelt beside my bed, and asked Jesus to forgive my sins. Then I crawled back into bed and waited for the crash.

At that moment the plane flew over my house and faded into the distance. I was alive and God had tricked me. But I’ve never regretted a moment of this crazy, exciting, amazing, mysterious journey.

Why I teach at Multnomah:

I love to interact with fresh minds with new ideas. The opportunity to help students become everything that God wants them to be, even if it doesn’t fit into any pre-conceived little box, excites me. I also love to encourage students to truly reach out with compassion and empathy to help those who are in pain.

Current Ministry outside class:

I am the President of Every Marriage Matters, a non-profit to encourage healthy marriages. I also teach a young married class at my local church.

Education and Research:

The life of King David, and teaching of basic skills of empathy, acceptance, sacrifice and compassion to heal damaged relationships.

People who inspire you:

Anyone who overcomes hardships and/or stretches themselves to their limits.

Favorite book or verse or person in the Bible:

“But God does not just sweep life away; instead he devises ways to bring us back when we have been separated from him&rdqu 2 Samuel 14:14b

Extra-curricular, non-ministry activities:

  • Loving my beloved wife and three adult children.
  • Learning more and more about this amazing Universe and how God interacts with it.
  • Author of over 20 books.

Family or other information:

Married 28 years to Tami. Three adult children: Brittany, Dylan, Dustin.