Tyler Yates

Tyler Yates
Tyler Yates


Major: Biblical Theology

Years Played College Basketball: 4th

What Do You Want To Do After Graduation: Probably will wind up doing something in the realm of construction or truck driving.

Favorite NBA Team: Portland Trail Blazers

Career Highlights: Combining for 15 3's with my brother against Eugene Jr. year.

Favorite Part of Being on the Basketball team: The camaraderie that comes from being on a team.

High School: Gladstone High School

High School Awards: Team MVP 2005, all Tri-Valley 1st team 2005, 3rd team All-State 2005, OACA All-Star Game 2005

Favorite Food: Oysters

Mission Trips: Taiwan 2009

Role Model: My Father

3 People I Would Like to Have Dinner With:

  • Pete Maravich
  • Payton McCalligan
  • Gage Aker

Favorite MU Class: Old Testament Biblical Theology

Favorite MU Professor: Mike Gurney and Tom Hauff