Prof. Vicki Abbate

Vicki Abbate Prof. Vicki Abbate B.S., Education, M.S., Educational Administration
  • University Supervisor
  • Elementary Education



B.S., Education- Kansas State University; M.S., Educational Administration- Portland State University

Favorite Quote

“Don’t take yourself seriously.”

Where I come from

I was born and raised in the Mojave Desert of Southern California. My husband and I moved to Oregon when our firstborn daughter was 6 weeks old. After 26 years, our parents have forgiven us. We love the green Pacific Northwest and cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Faith story

I accepted the Lord as my Savior as a child. It wasn’t until college under the discipleship of the Navigators that I understood Lordship. Following the Lord has been the desire of my heart since I was a young child.

Why I teach at Multnomah

After 30 years in the elementary classroom as a teacher and 8 years as a principal, working with students who desire to be teachers is a perfect fit for me. I believe in education. I believe in the young people of today. It is my time to give back. I am honored to be at Multnomah and thank God every day for this opportunity.

Current ministry outside class

My husband, Mike, and I work with the young married group at our church. It means that I do not need to act my age!

I also volunteer at Northwest Children’s Outreach – a wonderful faith-based organization that serves the needs of the poor in the Portland metro area.

People who inspire you

Honestly, my students inspire me. As I watch their enthusiasm to serve the Lord and to learn from others, I am inspired.

Second, I would say my daughters: Brooke and Maryn. Both are serving the Lord with their whole hearts. I am in awe!

Favorite person in the Bible

Ruth is my favorite Bible character. Why? She was a strong, faithful woman. I want to be like her when I grow up.