Students excited to perform in recital and choir concert on May 2

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PORTLAND, Ore. — The Multnomah University Music Department is presenting the Spring 2017 Student Recital and Chamber Choir Concert at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 2, in the Bradley Hall recital space. Continue Reading »


Tudor-Stuart England class travels to London

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The following post was written by Kari Johnson, a history major at Multnomah University. 


I recently returned from a short-term study abroad trip to London. I was in a class called Tudor-Stuart England, and we spent this semester studying about the Tudor and Stuart dynasties, which lasted from 1485-1714. We read a book about daily life in Tudor England, a biography of Queen Elizabeth I, and a history of the King James Bible. We studied maps, took tests, and listened to lectures. We watched a great documentary by Simon Schama about the Tudors and Stuarts. Then the day finally came when all that studying came alive for us. As a class, we traveled to England, where we got to actually see the places we had been learning about.  It was amazing! Continue Reading »


Grounds crew keeps campus beautiful, builds community

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Blossoming flower trees, green grass and warmer weather are slowly pushing winter away. As the campus begins to welcome spring, one department stands out for their effort in the welcoming — the grounds crew. The grounds crew scored high in last semester’s satisfaction surveys. Their work to keep the campus beautiful has been noticed and appreciated by many. Continue Reading »

Global studies, MAGDJ students study abroad in Costa Rica

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The following post is written by Giovanni Gravino, a student in MU’s MA in Global Development and Justice (MAGDJ) program. Continue Reading »

MU hosts first community soccer camp

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Between Good Friday and Easter, many Multnomah students, faculty and staff are coming together to host the first ever Multnomah University Community Soccer Camp. This camp is primarily being driven by the MU men’s soccer team and the Multnomah University Athletic Department. Continue Reading »

Amidst personal pain: How God used Multnomah in one student’s life

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I am continually amazed at the powerful, transforming work God does through the lives of our students. I recently heard the incredible story of Zach Muñoz, a recent graduate who illustrates how Multnomah continues to shape disciples who love the Savior. Continue Reading »