MA in TESOL graduate Bernie Bernardo: Representing the Master Teacher

Written on February 25th, 2015 by
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MA in TESOL graduate Bernie Bernardo is an English instructor at Portland Community College and Columbia School of English. Read his story. Continue Reading »

Right at home in Reno

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Students get the education they need to minister to churches in their own backyard. Continue Reading »

Found in translation: Hebrew program gives students insight into the biblical text

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Learn more about MU's Hebrew major and watch our new video. Continue Reading »

Striking the right chord: Music program brings students, listeners closer to God

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Learn more about this major and watch the video. Continue Reading »

MU’s Torah unrolls new learning opportunities for students

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Thursday dawned wet and dreary, but it might as well have been Christmas for MU’s Hebrew department. As soon as people filed into the JCA Student Center that morning, they saw the reason: A 16th-century Torah scroll lay partially unfurled on stage, offering the crowd an enticing glimpse into the rich history of biblical transmission work. Continue Reading »

MU’s annual Global Ministries Conference Spotlights International Impact of Storytelling

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MU student and GMC volunteer Olivia Morud tells us what to expect from the University's 75th Global Ministries Conference. Continue Reading »