The Name Change that Launched a Web Redesign

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The official date of the change to Multnomah University looms. It was impressed on me to address the one area that I know is in the forefront of concern for all of you – Multnomah’s website.

Name Change Brings Web Change
When we first started discussing the name change we knew it would have an impact on our web presence. It really came down to a couple of options for what that would look like. We could do some touch up work on our current site (a band-aid really) or suck it up and rebuild the whole thing. Seeing how it was really about time for an overhaul, the process is now under way to come up with a brand-new look and feel as well as a new site structure.

New Challenges
A change of name for a well established institution means different things depending on who you ask. To me, university is a big name trying to bring together all that Multnomah does and is. Multnomah serves a diverse group of people all seeking very different things. We still have our traditional college and seminary students, but Multnomah has grown to offer other programs such as online education, graduate degrees in teaching, and a degree completion program. Multnomah also has a thriving alumni and contributor community. In fact, the list of those with vested interest in Multnomah is a very long one. All of these impact our decisions as we move forward on a website redesign. Our website, which is really your website, must be relevant to you.

More then just a cosmetic change, we are really striving to tailor Multnomah’s new website to meet the needs of these diverse groups, and to be quickly navigable, making the information you want easy to find.

The Wait
A fresh, new look, relevant/current information, well organized structure… it all sounds really good, doesn’t it? Well it won’t be up by July 1st. That is for certain. We are still in the beginning phases of research and analysis ([cough], the fun stuff). I am already excited to see what all the Multnomah site is going be. Now, I really don't expect you to just sit there and wait. What changes/additions to the Multnomah site could help you? Let us know what you think.

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