Faculty Tour of Ministries in Asia

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Multnomah professors Tom and Bonnie Kopp recently returned from a two-week trip to Asia with Norm and Muriel Cook. On their trip, they visited South Korea, China, Thailand, and Taiwan and connected with various ministries, Multnomah alumni, and some of the Cook’s friends from the time they spent doing missions work there.

Here’s what Tom had to say about their trip:

The passion to reach the world for Christ that we witnessed among Asian believers was memorable indeed, especially in light of the immense religious, political, & social challenges they face in their countries. Because existing churches are growing and new kinds of churches are being structured, an educated and experienced assistance from believers worldwide is desired and invited. We were particularly delighted that Multnomah was directly asked to send people for a variety of meaningful short-term internship and strategic long-term ministry options. We’ve already asked the Lord to send more Multnomah individuals into Asia in the coming months, and will continue to do so!

This is a wonderful opportunity for God to continue to expand Multnomah’s ministry around the world for His kingdom. Please join the Kopps as they pray for representatives of Multnomah to minister in Asia.

During their travels, the Kopps also took many photographs. This is just a taste of what they saw and experienced (I wish I could post more photos than what you see here). Enjoy!

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I’m so happy you had a wonderful trip to Asia and that the Lord brought you back safely. I look forward to hearing more about your time there….and the story about the snake on Dr. Kopp’s shoulders! Aaack!