Of Parking Spaces and Fall Semesters

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This morning I drove into the parking lot here at Multnomah to begin my work day. I had a harder time than yesterday finding a parking spot (which was a harder time than the day before, and likely not as hard as tomorrow!). This is how I know that Fall Semester is about to start.

However, the real verification comes when I see the insane amount of items on deck for employees and students alike in the week leading up to convocation!

Check the Master Calendar for the scoop on all of it...

Thursday, 08.21.08

Friday, 08.22.08

  • Portland CityFest day 1
  • Seminary Orientation
  • Parent Orientation Meeting
  • New College Student Orientation

Saturday, 08.23.08

Sunday, 08.24.08

  • Students Find Their "School Church"

Monday, 08.25.08

  • Classes Begin

Tuesday, 08.26.08

On And On It Goes
(Life and the search for parking spaces, that is!)

Update: 08.26.08 is Lions Volleyball not Basketball

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2 comments “Of Parking Spaces and Fall Semesters”

Tuesday, 8.26.8 is actually Lions Volleyball vs Warner Pac.

Parking is an issue…really. While I have heard and understand that there is no solution, would it be possible to have some kind of committee formed to research this? Maybe it isn’t really an issue…but it really is annoying to drive on campus and actually not find one open parking spot. This is part of the reason why I get here before 7:30. My comments on parking are really more of a sounding off. However, with regard to your second point, I actually would like to see some discussion generated from the freshmen class regarding the orientation days at Multnomah.
Freshmen, what do you think about orientation in general? What seemed most helpful? What could we do better? Specifically regarding faculty friends, do you LIKE the way this is done? Did you end up feeling exhausted, or was it a nice connection time for you? Did you like being divided by major or minor, or would you have liked to be mixed up with everyone?
Just wondering!!
Debi Miller