5 Steps Toward Degree Completion

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One of the fastest growing programs at Multnomah has been the Adult Degree Completion program (DCP, as it's become known around here). There really seems to be a need in the community for this program...there are a lot of people out there who started college, but never finished - for many reasons!

5 Steps To Finishing Up That Bachelors Degree:
(Disclaimer: there are some special rules that a qualified candidate should consider - so be sure to take a look.)

  1. Be Inspired By The Marketing Materials
  2. Research More Online
  3. Call Holly Or Meagan To Sign Up For A Free Info Night
  4. Fill Out A FAFSA. Seriously. You Probably Qualify For Financial Aid.
    • What's a FAFSA?
    • Our federal code is: 003206
  5. Apply

Or...Just Skip All That And Go Straight To Number 5!

  • Seriously, don't delay any longer if you've ever thought about finishing that degree!
  • Furthermore, the price is low, the faculty are real, the process is easy, the scheduling is convenient, the books are included, and the degree is accredited!
  • What more could you want? And why am I selling so much? It practically sells itself!
  • Not for you? Then by all means, go tell someone who should know about it!

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