Of Traditions, Rabbits, And A Guy Named Roger

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Entering the student center dining area on the first day of each month, it is customary to be greeted with enthusiasm by this two syllable word from Roger Porret, one of our food services volunteers.

This game - for more than three decades now - has provided an opportunity for faculty, staff and students alike to engage in a regular activity of camaraderie and silly fun. The game of “Rabbits” began in the mid 70’s by a group of former students [a very good source tells me it was Cheri (Halverson) Jackson, Randy Brown, and Sue (Andvik) Forsythe] and continues on to this day. You may have even participated in a game or two of Rabbits yourself during your time at Multnomah. At one of our recent “Rabbits Day” celebrations, one of our college students came to lunch sporting a 6-foot rabbit costume! Much to Roger’s delight (and sustained personal effort)…the tradition still continues.

Rules of the Game

  • Show up to the Cafeteria, where Roger works, on the first day of the month.
  • Spot Roger.
  • "Tag" him by calling out "RABBITS!" before he does.
  • You win. (Which is hard to do because Roger has this game on lockdown!)
  • Note: Technically, you could "rabbits" anyone - nowadays I hear that people get "rabbited" via text messages!

Who is this Roger, Anyway?
Roger Porret has been serving in our dining services program as a volunteer for more than 30 years. He is described by his peers and supervisors as one of our most dedicated employees. He shows up everyday on time, in a good mood, and always happy to greet you…especially on the first day of each month with an enthusiastic “RABBITS!” 

Tell Us About Your Traditions!
Comment below and keep your tradition going...

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8 comments “Of Traditions, Rabbits, And A Guy Named Roger”

RABBITS!! something that we still do in our family today…it all started when my sister Cheri Halverson Jackson and I worked at Camp Sambica (with Randy Brown) in Bellevue, Washington during the early 70’s. RABBITS!!! Lives on thanks for Roger’s years of service at Multnomah! There is a trick to Rabbits~ing Roger…you have to sneak in when he isn’t looking and come up behind him and get him that way…I miss not being there to participate in this fun!

Some history out of the Ambassador Yearbook:
Here is what was written in the Ambassador Year book, vol 37
March 1st
Rabbits!!! It started simply enough. Cheri Halverson, now graduated, and a few friends dreamt up the idea at Sambica (Lake Sammamish Bible Camp). On the first day of each month they would try to beat each other saying “Rabbits.” When Cheri came to MSB, the game got started among her circle of friends. Now the fun has spread like wildfire, beyond control!

This was such a popular happening (started in fall of 1974 at Multnomah) that this is what is noted March 1st (vol 36, page 194 first page of supplement)
A most astounding sight ~ Dr. Mitchell imitating a rabbit at the beginning of his Acts-Philemon class. This sight was in response to his finding the word ‘rabbits’ written on his overhead projector.
On the first of each month a game commences that consists of saying ‘rabbits’ to everyone else before they say it to you. Some enterprising junior used the overhead to get the whole class at one time.

I would love to know if other alumni play ‘Rabbits’ on the first of each month in their homes!

My wife, Janice (nee Garner), and I attended Multnomah during the mid 70’s. We were also part of this game. We have continued it during 30 plus years of marriage. While I can’t claim this game is the reason our marriage is still together, it has been a fun part of our relationship. We have progressed with the times by texting it to each other if we happen to be apart on the first day of the month.

To paraphase a saying from that era ‘Love means . . . not keeping track of Rabbits points.’ So, I can’t tell you who is ‘winning’. In addition, our kids have picked up on tradition making the first of the month a day when the whole family displays a touch of paranoia.

The students have actually made the rabbit suit a yearly tradition. Many students pitch in money for the renting of the suit, and a few students help the rabbit sneak into the cafeteria to surprise Roger.

This next semester will be the third year of Roger’s Rabbit Day Surprise.

I loved reading about the history of “rabbits”. My husband and I learned it from one of our teachers in highschool (ten years ago now). We still do it to this day. I never knew where it came from until I saw some friends playing it on Facebook and asked them where they learned it. Fun!

Congratulations, Roger! I was so happy to hear that the cafe is named after you!!! It’s just perfect. You made every day a great day to come to work. Here’s a hug from me! 0

I worked in the dish room with Roger on Tuesday mornings. Every Tuesday before I left for class Roger would ask me if I had any tests that day. Because I was always on my way to Pentateuch with Friesen, and we always had a quiz on Tuesday my answer was always “Yes.” To which he always responded. “Hope you make it.”
One day we were having a blood drive at school, and I over heard him asking someone if they were going to give blood. The response was “yes” and I cringed anticipating his response of “I hope you make it” but instead he smiled and almost laughingly replied, “Well, I hope you don’t pass out.”