Free Stuff and Drinks!

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Tri-Met is bringing 2 busses with MU advertising on it for a photoshoot - they want to feature us in an ad! They also want to give students who show up free Starbucks Hot Chocolate/Coffee and I'll be giving away free MBC and MBS T-shirts.

  • What: Take a big mob photo with 2 Tri-Met busses
  • Where: In front of Sutcliffe Hall
  • When: Thursday, November 20th @ 1:30pm

If FREE Starbuck’s coffee and hot chocolate and MBC/MBS T-shirts isn’t enough for you to brave the rain today... They’re also bringing cookies and mini-bus toys!

But wait, there’s more!

Show up for the pictures and get rewarded with a raffle for a $75 gift certificate to Kell’s Restaurant (this one is for students only).

Need a little history to understand this?

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