What Is This Kigali Kollection?

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Congratulations to the Kigali Kollection Committee on reaching their goal of collecting 2009 books for Kigali Bible College in Rwanda, Africa. During Spring break, the team recorded books for a total of 25 hours.  At 1:22 p.m. on Friday, March 27, Ali Newby was privileged to record the 2009th book.


In the summer of 2008, Africa New Life Ministries (founded by MBS graduate Charles Buregeya) was awarded a grant to start a Bible training school in Kigali, Rwanda. Upon hearing the news, a group of Multnomah students pulled together to create a library for the school-the largest theological library in Rwanda. The team set a goal of collecting 2009 books by graduation day in May.

MU Students Commit

Multnomah students were given the options to be book donators, book collectors (at their churches), book recorders, or "BOB" givers (Buck One Book - which means that you donate $1 to Debbie Chin in upper Sutcliffe). Every Monday, the team kept the school updated with a collection report along with a countdown of how many days were left until the deadline. Presently, 38 more days are left.

Help Meet A New Goal!

With the goal of 2009 books already attained, the Kigali Kollection Committee will reconvene to recalculate a new goal. Presently, the team has recorded 2,028 usable books. So if you have started on your spring cleaning and have books you don't need, play a part in building up the largest theological library in Rwanda and donate those books of yours.

3 Ways To Get Involved

  1. Buck-One-Book donation at the Mitchell Library
  2. Drop off books at Roger Trautman's office in the Seminary
  3. Drop off books at Garry Friesen's office in Sutcliffe Hall


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2 comments “What Is This Kigali Kollection?”

The Kigali Kollection Committee is great and so is this blog. My son is deciding where to got to school next year and this blog has been a great resource for helping us decided.

Thank You!