Where Is The Love?

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Someone has absconded with the letters "L", "O", "V", and "E" from the "Multnomah University" sign on Glisan Street!


Honestly, who steals letters?

Some possible theories from around campus:

  • Since the "pink mist" (that means that engagements and love is in the air with students) is floating in spring, perhaps someone is trying to propose or otherwise proclaim their love with the golden letters of "love"?
  • Maybe it is tennis players from nearby Montavilla Park since "love" means "nothing" to them!
  • Maybe there is something malicious afoot where someone is trying to make a statement about no "love" in MU?
  • Perhaps our Advancement department is holding an elaborate fundraiser where "love" is being held hostage and only one letter at a time will be released as ransom is paid?
  • Maybe I couldn't think of anything better to blog about so I trooped out in the rain, in my suit, with an expensive camera, and staged it for giggles? (Nope. Campus Services would be ticked!)

Well, honestly, we don't know what happened or why. Maybe the letters will resurface? Probably not.

Oh well...any ideas? Anyone?

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6 comments “Where Is The Love?”

Honestly, I don’t think the word ‘love’ was on the mind of the thieves. My theory is that they were trying to get the letters for ‘vole’, which as we all know is a small rodent resembling a mouse. I think your best bet would be to case the pet stores in the area, or possibly you may find the letters at the zoo. Those zoo folks are pretty shady if you ask me.

Ha ha ha. I love – [snicker] that the letters stolen spell “LOVE.” Though I noticed the letters were missing — and I hope will be replaced before graduation — I had not taken the time to evaluate which of the letters were absent from the sign. If any – I guess the L O V and E are the best ones to be gone.

I noticed that they’re back now…did anyone ever find out who did it?

@ Day – Yes, they were back up before graduation (but if you were here and looked, you’d know that already! Sorry it took so long to get back to you!)

@ Lisa – Still no leads on who did it or why, but we know that it was not a cheap prank! I’ll be blogging a follow-up later this week.