Alumni Missionary Support – Uganda Update 1

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Greetings to you from Jinja, Uganda

Musiibyemutiano (How are you?)

I trust this greeting finds you well and enjoying the richest of our Savior's blessings. The past two days of ministry here in Jinja have been absolutely amazing. Our time together at Iguluwibi and Loco village was incredible! Some of the highlights include: sharing in an authentic village cooked meal, having the privilege of praying for an African mama and a child suffering from malaria and intestinal illness, hearing the sounds of joyful hearts expressed through children's laughter, connecting with our mentors and finding similarities among our differences, and getting to hold babies and have them fall asleep in our arms.

Sharing In God's Greatness

As different team members shared about the greatness of God's love, the importance of maturing in our faith and the beauty of God's faithfulness and the power of His forgiveness and grace at Iguluwibi, the presence of the Lord was powerful. In debriefing at the end of the day many shared how they felt as if they had already experienced a full week of culture and ministry in that one day experience.

michelles-pics-uganda-155During our time together at Loco village this afternoon we were able to share again with the children the greatness of God's love there and the importance of finding security and happiness in God alone by setting our hearts on eternal things with the women. God showed up and it was a beautiful thing. Several of the children in this village attend the primary school at the Pierce's home so it was a real treat for us to be able to share this time of fellowship and worship with them in their home village.


Some of the challenges we've faced have been: heat rashes, blisters, spider bites, sleep deprivation, adjusting to different levels of sanitary conditions in the villages and cold showers (though I must admit they have felt pretty refreshing at the end of a hot day in the African sun).

Supporting Children

We are excited and looking forward to spending time at Amani baby cottage tomorrow as well as meeting the children at New Hope orphanage and blessing them with the clothes, shoes, toothbrushes, tooth paste and underclothes that we were able to provide for them through the help from many of you. Thanks again for your love, prayer and support in walking with us through this journey.

Your prayers are making a difference throughout the moments of our days and so evident in the ministry God is doing here. Thank you! We couldn't be here without you.

Praying His richest blessings upon you today,

Michelle for the team

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