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Voice (MBC student newspaper) reporter Stephen Harris was featured in a half-hour interview on the Bob Enyart Live radio program a couple of weeks ago.

Abortion, Voting, and Stirring the Pot

enyart1Mr. Enyart was interviewing Stephen about the story he wrote for The Voice regarding Down Syndrome abortions - unfortunately much of the interview changed focus to items such as moral relativism and the fact that so many Christians voted for President Obama and, by extension, a "pro-abortion" agenda. The interview then went further to imply that most Multnomah Bible College students voted for Obama and therefore are engaged in the same "moral relativism" as other Christians (although, how they can know whether students voted and for whom, is beyond me).

(Note: MUblog is not making a judgement on voting habits of anyone, we are simply reporting the facts of the radio interview.)

Worthy Of Comment

(Full disclosure: since I run MU's public relations functions, I'm a little protective over MU's image in the community.)

I have to admit, I still don't know exactly how I feel about the interview. I am more than a little uncomfortable with the insinuations made regarding the spiritual health of MU and the students who come to learn their Bibles and love their Savior - but it is a fair and logical line of questioning for the interviewer to pursue. I'm just afraid that Bob Enyart ended up erroneously scaring some students and parents away from a college that strongly espouses absolutes of Biblical truth in an otherwise morally relativistic society!

I look forward to your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Recording


[audio: http://blogs.multnomah.edu/University/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/20090528-bel106.mp3]

What I do know is that Stephen Harris is a fantastic example of the types of students I'm proud of to have on campus!

The interview was broadcast over AM670 KLTT in Denver, the most powerful Christian radio station in the country (50,000 watts). The station has between 3.5 and 4.5 million listeners daily (plus it streams on the Internet and is on HD radio). The Bob Enyart Live show airs at 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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13 comments “MBC Student Stephen Harris On The Radio”

To imply that voting for Barack Obama is an act that questions your Christianity or makes someone morally relative, is ridiculous and an oversimplification.

I supported Barack Obama for the Presidency was because he advocated policies that I felt were going to reduce the total number of abortions in America, instead of hoping (unrealistically some would say) that abortion is outlawed and voting for a candidate who would seek to do so.

I supported Obama because other policies/goals he held seemed more pro-life than other candidates. I did so because some policies he held seemed more in line with the tenets of Christ than other candidates.

My morals (based off my understanding of the Bible) were central to my decision, and examined deeply before any kind of choice.

@John Lussier – Thank you for kicking off this discussion, I know that sometimes our readers are a bit nervous about speaking out on our blog. Anyone else want to join in?


Could you please tell me more about Barack Obama’s policies that you felt were going to reduce abortions?

Thanks a lot.

I found it interesting that the program judged James Dobson, Jay Sekulow and the entire Pro-Life “industry” in a negative light. According to this show, the two leaders mentioned above are also engaged in “moral relativism” — which is ridiculous!

The “personhood movement” wants the law to declare that life begins at conception. I’m fine with that. But to imply supporters of partial birth abortion bans are co-conspirators with “murderers” because the law does not ban all abortions is yet another error.


I am going to address this VERY widely because getting down to specifics would be very time consuming, and I only want to introduce the idea.

I endorsed Obama for president out of my belief that he will try to lower poverty levels, increase minimum wage, create jobs, reform immigration policy, give tax cuts for the most needy Americans and reshape the tax code to benefit the lower end of the economic spectrum, give access to affordable healthcare for all people, and even perhaps change how we do sex education.

If he is able to do these things then the ‘need’ for abortions maybe reduced. In my mind it seems that the single mother earning minimum wage is more likely to keep her child if that minimum wage is higher. The person who isn’t worried about healthcare and how they pay for it is, let alone how they will give it to their future child, has less ‘need’ for an abortion. The young girl who was taught how to use contraception is more likely to use it and thus avoid pregnancy, and thus the ‘need’ for an abortion. I hate the language used of ‘needing’ an abortion, but semantics aside less demand for abortions seems like a positive thing as long there is no possibility of outlawing abortion (which I think is true).

If Glen Stassen (prof at Fuller Seminary) is right then there is the possibility that the policies of Obama may reduce abortions. http://www.sojo.net/index.cfm?action=sojomail.display&issue=041013#5

The lesser of two evils argument? Yes. Pragmatic? Yes. Do I have a problem with abortion? Yes. Do I long for the kingdom to come? Yes.


Thank you for your reply. I now have a more clear understanding of your initial comments.

In response to your last post I’d just say – Praise the Lord that He does not expect the unreasonable or impossible from us! Rather, He expects our humility and obedience.

Is Stassen’s analysis correct? Will Obama’s policies reduce abortions? Would McCain’s policies reduce abortions? In what ways do the policies you referenced affect abortion rates? What about the unintended consequences from such interrelated regulations?

Christians endeavor to answer these questions and come to different conclusions. However, our predictions are always wrong to some extent. We are exceedingly fallible and our hearts evil. When we control our behavior based upon the anticipated consequences we are often surprised at the result. We even end up doing evil thinking that good may come of it.

But God’s way is better! He teaches us right from wrong and tells us to choose right. We need to be obedient and trust Him!

There is no commandment “Thou must vote for a Democrat or Republican”, or “Thou must vote for a viable candidate”, or even “Thou must vote”. However, there is a commandment “Thou shall not murder”.

That Christians would endorse any candidate (any leader really) that does not completely oppose abortion is quite tragic. It strikes me as a form of idolatry that elevates our reasoning above God’s revelation, however well intentioned we may be.

Do right and risk the consequences. God will bless us if we honor Him above all else.

I think this blog has gotten way off track. The point is that the radio program made some outrageous claims (see my note above) that cannot be supported.

Nonetheless, I will respond to this sidetrack.

The problem with the Personhood Movement is that it is AGAINST any ban on abortion that does not go all the way. This means it is against bans on late-term abortions, laws for parental notification and so on.

The reality is this—we live in a sinful society. We should use the resources that we have to do the maximum good that is possible. Now this is not to say we cannot support broader laws at the same time.

The radio show claims people who support laws that restrict abortion are guilty of standing by as the innocent die (and it lampoos Dr. Dobson, Jay Sekulow and MU students in the process). I find it astounding that they do not apply this Biblical principle to themselves. Should people within the personhood movement feel the guilt of “standing by” upon their own shoulders? What about the thousands who will die because they refuse to support any ban on abortion UNLESS it goes all the way.

We should remember that God said “I desire mercy and not sacrifice.” We should not allow thousands of late-term viable children to go by the way-side in order to maintain an all or nothing mentality. If we hold this mentality above all else—THAT IS A FORM OF IDOLATRY.

I admit this is part of the reason I am turned off to talk radio since talk radio hosts are extremely biased, mainly because the American people enjoy the heat. Steven you did well but I think he was trying to get you fired up.

To start out, I know Steven and he really is a good guy with good motives. I think that one thing that maybe should happen is the voice to be unlinked to Multnomah in every way. Still making the voice I think is a good idea for the free speech of students but any connection with Multnomah should be severed so there is can be no connection.

On the Obama issue I think one of the problems is that many expect the government to do what we are called to already get up and do ourselves. If you are a Christian then you are following God’s leading and will submit to authority from God firstly and our government secondly. Usually that is said to rally up against governmental issues but really I say it to state that I think less abortions will happen if we rally to help those who get pregnant instead of the government who tells them that they can or cannot legally get the abortion. Seriously, where is the love of Christ factoring into just rallying against laws? You may argue you are loving the baby that way but really these women need some serious help and that means getting hands dirty, “filthy”, and meeting the emotional, mental, spiritual, practical, and financial needs that these women have. Are you prepared to do that, or would you rather rally against laws?

As far as abortion goes I am against it after conception since I believe options such as giving up for adoption, or raising child are typically available. I know this is a side subject but one question I do have though is although most Christians are fired up about abortion, how come many kids that are here are not taken of and loved? It’s no wonder a women doesn’t want to keep a baby when the family she came from was a wreck and families are falling apart all around. Many can band together for “saving” babies but how much do we band together to not be verbally and physically abusive? How about band together to love and supportive kids?

To end off, the ending of the radio broadcast is totally ridiculous and this guy is left field. The Multnomah community is of various voices but he’s bogus with his claims.

Hello John Lussier, thanks for your comments. Although, I pray you will reconsider and, as I seek to do regularly, ask God to search your heart regarding this matter. Stephen Harris wrote a great article on Down Syndrome, and because of our mutual horror at the intentional killing of children, and my realization that trying to regulate the lynching of blacks or gassing of Jews or dismembering of babies is immoral, the topic expanded. Stephen called me back and we posted a correction in the show summary at http://kgov.com/bel/20090528 regarding the possible percentage of Multnomah students who voted for pro-abortion Barack Obama. This blog though has me more concerned than ever about moral relativism at Multnomah.

John, you admit voting for an open and aggressive child killer. (Discerning Listener, please take note.) John, you are the fruit of the moral relativism around you. When Christian leaders defend those who support killing some children -like every Republican who has so-called exceptions- and when they advocate child-killing regulations that end with “and then you can kill the baby,” they engage in moral relativism. And MORAL RELATIVISM CANNOT BE CONTROLLED. Thus, millions of ‘pro-lifers’ vote for an aggressive child killer like Barack Obama, because while a politician who is an admitted racist would stand no chance, Christians feel comfortable and justify voting for politicians who admit to advocating the right to kill innocent children. This is scandalous, and right here on the university’s website no less.

John, you might think that 20th-century Germans were somehow genetic freaks to put the National Socialist party in power. But in reality, they were countless normal human beings with a tendency toward selfishness who were born into a nominally Christian but increasingly utilitarian society. The hero Dietrich Bonhoeffer strongly opposed the NAZIs (that stands for National Socialist by the way) and to say the least John, he was not supported by the Christian leadership around him. Dietrich would have been horrified by your justification for supporting the admitted child killer, Barack Obama, because you have captured the exact utilitarian justification of the churchgoers who supported the Nazis. Yet not even Hitler campaigned on the open advocacy of slaughtering the innocent, as Barack Obama does. If I can take the liberty of replacing three of your words with “the national socialist chancellor:”

John Lussier: “I endorsed [the national socialist chancellor] out of my belief that he will try to lower poverty levels, increase minimum wage, create jobs, reform immigration policy, give tax cuts for the most needy Americans and reshape the tax code to benefit the lower end of the economic spectrum, give access to affordable healthcare for all people, and even perhaps change how we do sex education.”

There is no bottom to that abyss.

-Pastor Bob Enyart
Denver Bible Church & KGOV.com

Mr. Enyart,

Do not throw thousands of students and alumni under this bus. It is sensational and misguided to do so. Furthermore, your long message above only serves to heap more coals on people who are no more guilty of any of your labels than you yourself are (I’m speaking of these thousands of people who make up “Multnomah”).

The theology taught at Multnomah is as orthodox as you’ll find. There is not one individual who thinks abortion is ever OK. You ,passing judgement on so many people and an entire institution attempting to train people to advance the Truth of the Bible, based on your perceptions of one or two individuals, does your case no good and only pits you and your valid cause against those who would actually agree with you.

You only serve to damage the ministry of a place that you obviously know nothing about when you use our name to legitimize the topic of your show in such a manner. We will continue training people in Bible and preparing them for ministry regardless. Brother, you ought not sacrifice your fellow ministers in such a way when you have nothing but an anecdotal opinion in your hand – (anecdotes are themselves relativistic, you know). Students who come here work toward many causes to combat abortion and care for special needs children. I wonder how many thousands of lives have been transformed by Christ and babies saved as a result of Multnomah students, alum, faculty, and staff witnessing for Christ?

I’m not here to debate your argument, I’m here to ask that you stop using Multnomah’s name in it in such an inflammatory way – because it is highly off-base to do so. I am happy to provide someone to respond on-air, in front of your audience. If you’re ever in Portland, come see me directly and learn more about us. I know you are waging a “good fight” – so please keep it up. Just don’t accuse Multnomah of being the enemy on this front.

Standing up for Multnomah; not arguing with Enyart,

Robert Leary
Director of Communications

Robert Leary, thank you for how gracious your comments are. You make reasonable points and you have a reasonable request. It does seem though that virtually the entire Body of Christ is sinking into a morass of situation ethics and moral relativism. Four examples:

1. Our churches are filled with cohabitating couples
2. Barna research shows self-described born-again believers lack a Christian worldview
3. National Christian leaders believe that pornography is a free-speech right – we document this
4. And regarding gays and lesbians, now all of our leading ministries reject Moses, Jesus, Paul, and 3,500 years of Judaeo-Christian legal precedent, and instead agree with the Homosexual agenda, with Hillary, Hollywood, and the Humanists, that homosexuality should be decriminalized.

Tragically, this sinking into the bog seems to be the fate of every earthly institution: you can’t put new wine into old wine skins. Christian hospitals begin doing abortions; Ivy League schools founded to preach the Gospel become enemies of Christ. Regarding our own Denver Bible Church, our church constitution calls for our ministry to liquidate itself after three generations of leaders and give all remaining funds to an unrelated, vital young ministry. We want to create ministries that will be perpetually godly on earth. Specifically, Jesus was telling us that the vessels made for the symbolic water of the Old Covenant could not contain the blood, His blood, of the New Covenant. Yet also, the sad reality, as the Lord implied, is that our earthly institutions are not themselves the Gospel (which is always new), but they are the infrastructure by which we share the Gospel with others; and while the Gospel is always new, the infrastructure gets old (institutions, practices, etc., even those that are not inherently immoral, are heavily influenced by the culture, and the institution has a very hard time expressing the Gospel which never changes through the culture which always changes; and eventually, the institution breaks. So a handful of Christian leaders are beginning to urge vital ministries to use forethought in the planned shutting down of their own organizations, before the relentless pull of the world and the flesh turn that organization into an enemy of the cross. It seems that Christ’s words, the overwhelming lesson of 2,000 years of Church history, and the New Testament’s virtual disregard for emphasis on institutional structure, all suggest that those of us who lead earthly institutions might be overlooking some simple spiritual truths if we don’t plan for dealing with the harm that our own ministries will likely bring, eventually, to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Robert, I’m not at all saying that Multnomah has reached anything like such a turning point. I don’t know enough to make such a judgment call. You all would know this long before some Christian talk show host half-way across the country would. I would hope though that Stephen’s concern, that came out in his interview, and that my concern, would not be seen primarily as an image problem to be “handled,” but as an impetus for Multnomah leadership to redouble your efforts toward biblical discipleship of the student body, especially as regards the Lord’s command to Love your neighbor, and it’s corollary, God’s enduring command, Do not kill the innocent (Exodus 23:7).

Thanks again for being gracious!

In Christ,
Pastor Bob Enyart
Denver Bible Church & KGOV.com


I was told about your response a couple of minutes before Multnomah’s chapel, and to be honest, for the first few moments it kept my mind and heart from worshiping fully. I was distracted and upset that my politics would be used as a tool for someone to misrepresent my school and its students.

But then, standing among hundreds of students praising the Almighty God, I remembered that someday all the people of God will sing praises together.

I look forward to worshiping the one true God in heaven with you, I honestly do. Till that day, may His name increase, may His kingdom come, and may our lives reflect Him.

God bless you and the works of your hand.