Dr. Roger Congdon, You Will Be Missed

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Beloved father, grandfather, great-grandfather, pianist, theologian, Multnomah Bible College Prof & Dean Dr. Roger D. Congdon went to be with the Lord on June 18th, 2009. He was 91-years old.

The Congdon family name is one familiar to generations of Multnomah friends. Many of Dr. Congdon's own children and grandchildren are alumni. He taught and led at Multnomah for 37 years.

Memorial Service

  • Monday, June 29, 2009
  • 6:30 PM
  • Emmanuel Baptist Church
    • 14810 N.E. 28th St.
    • Vancouver WA 98682
    • 503-254-9586.

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Emmanuel Baptist Church or Gideons International.

Comments, Memories & Condolences

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Roger Congdon Obit Scan 

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10 comments “Dr. Roger Congdon, You Will Be Missed”

Dr. Congdon’s committment to former students was evidenced by his continuing effort to attend as many of the Multnomah Reunions that he could. He most recently celebrated with the Grad Class of 1964 in April here on Multnomah’s campus. Photos of Dr. Congdon leading hymns at the piano can be viewed on the Photo Journal at the following address:


Farrah Weinert
Alumni Relations Coordinator
Multnomah University

My path crossed Dr. Roger Congdon’s in many, many ways over the years. When I was in elementary school and high school, he would drive to our home in southwest Portland and give piano lessons to my brother and me. How we dreaded–and benefited from–those recitals! He even tried, for one year, to teach me the violin.

He was still teaching on the Bible faculty at Multnomah when I joined the staff. He had an immense personal library that he loaned to Multnomah. For many years it was the core of the school’s collection. When we moved into the Mitchell Library in 1980, he got his books back.

I knew many of his twelve children. Rachel, his oldest daughter, played at the same recitals as I, sometimes playing the same pieces. She was always better! Jim and I reconnected at Dallas Theological Seminary and we have remained good friends ever since. I taught several of Gwen and Roger’s younger children in my early years on faculty.

I am particularly fond of Roger, of course, because he loved my magic shows! I performed them at many of the churches he pastored. He perpetuated the fall “Sunday School Rally” and thought a gospel magic show added the right touch. May his tribe increase!

Roger Congdon is a significant part of Multnomah’s heritage. He leaves a wonderful legacy of children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren who are walking with God. Many are Multnomah alumni. He had a considerable impact on students, too, for his commitment to the teaching of the Word of God.

Dr. Daniel Lockwood
President, Multnomah University

You are already missed, Dr. Congdon. (I had the privilege of being Dr. C’s secretary my freshman year, ’82-’83.)

Professor, pianist, farmer, pastor, faithful family man, Holy Land tour guide, sixth-highest IQ in the U.S. at one point, etc.–no one who knew you will ever forget you (and your crazy tie collection)! 🙂

Somebody start quoting him, please. He had the best ways of phrasing instructions to a class….

I attended Multnomah for only one year (1980-81) but it was most memorable. Dr. Congdon’s class was my favorite! I used to share his biblical teachings with my own children years ago. Now, my memory is fading and I guess I need to get out my old notes again from class! Thank you, Dr. Congdon; we’ll see you in Heaven!

Sorry to hear that Dr. Congdon has gone to be with the Lord. I had Dr. Congdon for several classes during my several years at Multnomah in the 70’s. We used to say that you didn’t dare drop your pencil will taking notes in one of his classes because by the time you picked it up you were three pages behind in your notes!! I have to share an interesting interchange I had with Dr. Congdon outside of class one day. I was looking forward to getting married and I asked him about what he thought the Bible had to say about birth control. He answered, “Isn’t it obvious!” (As you probably know, Dr. Congdon had a great many children and considered them all to be a blessing from God.) In a small way, my wife Diane and I have Dr. Congdon to thank for our 5 wonderful children. He will be missed. God Bless his many offspring!

I travelled to Israel with Dr. Congdon (and his daughter Marianne) in the summer of 1986. We were a small but trying group at times, and Dr. C was ever so patient with us. That trip was one of the best times of my life, and he provided such an amazingly indepth tour. I’m afraid the only quote I remember is from that trip, when he sat up straight in bed one morning, said, “I think I have a germ,” and then lay back down. The phrasing and deadpan delivery still crack me up.

I have many special memories of Dr. Congdon as a student, but I want to mention what I noticed about him as a staff member. I worked in the Ira Lewis/Jim Worthington home when it was converted into offices for several faculty members, including Dr. Congdon.

I noticed right away that he had such a heart for the needs of married students and would bring in half gallons of milk from his farm which he sold cheaply to the students. He also collected quality day-old groceries and gave them away.

Prof. Hugh Salsisbury was also a faculty member in the house. One day he said, “When students come back to visit the school, they by-pass the rest of us and go directly to see Dr. Congdon.”

In his own very quiet way, Roger Congdon understood the struggles of our students and responded in Christian love in a tangible way.

I traveled to Europe and Turkey with Dr. Congdon in 1982 and recall his nightly lectures about the next day’s itinerary. One night I fell asleep and when I asked him the next day a question about where we were (Paris, I believe) he said in his deadpan way, “If you were awake and listening you would have received the necessary information.” Then he walked off. Hilarious! I had a great time on that trip with Rebecca Congdon, especially seeing the sights in London. God bless Dr. Congdon.

Dr. Congdon will definitely be missed but he will not be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with the families.

Dr. Congdon will definitely be missed but he will not be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with the families.