Preston and Tara Newby; Orphanages and Newsweek

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Because so many of you readers have asked for the updates, I'm going to keep them coming when something new happens in the Preston and Tara Newby story.

Tara, Jesus' Witness

Cover of Newsweek
We recently found out that Newsweek might be putting her story in their magazine in the last week of August - furthermore, there is rumor that it might actually be the cover story! So keep an eye out for it!

Orphanage in Uganda
Last summer Preston went on a missions trip to Uganda and stayed for a month. This summer the team from his church went back and when they arrived, there was a new orphanage that had just been built called the Preston C. Newby Dormitory. They waited for the team to arrive to unveil and open it. Over 1000 people showed up and celebrated for three hours!

God Is Good!

If you want to keep up on Tara's activities, you can check out her blog and subscribe at the link below. We are praying for you and the little ones, Tara.

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