Dr. Dan Runs for Student Aid

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Dr. Dan Lockwood - Multnomah's current (and fit!) president enjoys a good run every now and then. This year is no exception as he will be running in the Portland Marathon (that's 26+ miles) on Sunday, October 4th.

He Likes To Run, So What?

What's different this year, is that he wants all of you to help him finish by giving him an incentive...by pledging to donate money to the Student Aid Fund for every mile he completes!

The Student Aid Fund goes directly to lowering the cost of tuition (that's right, Multnomah students don't pay what it actually costs to educate them, we rely on donors to make up the $4,766 difference per student, per year! It's called the "Student Need Gap").

How Do I Make Dr. Dan Run Harder?

Consider how much you'd like to give per mile and remember that there are 26 miles...and I bet he'll finish if he knows there's student aid on the line!

Some ways to pledge:

  • Comment on this blog using the link/space below that you're pledging so everyone can show their support together - strength in numbers, people!
  • THEN...
  • Email advancement@multnomah.edu
  • OR...
  • Call 800.352.4253

...But remember, do it by Sunday, October 4th!

How to actually make the gift:

Just go to www.multnomah.edu/goto/giving for your options.

  • If you choose to pay online
  • Click the orange "Start a Gift" button
  • When you tell us where you want your gift to go, simply select "other" and tell us you're fulfilling your pledge for Dr. Dan's marathon run.

Dr. Dan with his daughter Elise at the Hood-to-Coast Relay.
"Borrowed" from his Facebook profile!

11 comments “Dr. Dan Runs for Student Aid”

We’ve just had 2 pledges come in! Keep ’em comin’!

I’ll give $1 for each mile up to 20, $5 for each of the last 6 miles, and $5 for each of the last 2 tenths. I figure those last 6.2 miles he can use some extra encouragement.

Go Dr. Dan! I’m pledging $10 a mile. And don’t forget to have fun!

Go President! I’ll pledge $5 per mile!

It’s for a great cause!

I pledge for student aid on behalf of my dear husband $5 per mile.
I’m so proud of you and Elise for all your hard training!

On behalf of our legendary running legend, President of Multnomah University, Dr. Daniel Lockwood, I will match the Pledge of Gina Berquist, except for the last two miles. For those two miles I will pledge $65 per mile.

Go Dr. Dan!

I pledge $1 for the first 20 miles, then $1 for the 21st, $2 for the 22nd, $3 for the 23rd, $4 for the 24th, $5 for the 25th, and $6 for the 26th. You can do it!

We want to sponsor you for $1 per mile for the first 25 miles, and $25 for the last mile! We’ll also be there to cheer you over the finish line!

Go Dan Go!

I’m submitting my pledge straight to advancement…keeping it private on these public comments – if you want to pledge but don’t want to say how much, just email advancement directly…and then comment to show your support.

Laura and I are pledging $5 a mile!
Go, Dan!

Thanks for your sponsorships! I completed the Portland Marathon slightly after noon today, along with my running partners Elise Lockwood and John Caughman. The weather was perfect; our training was solid; and our racing strategy worked! I finished under five hours, a personal best. That means–dear friends–I completed all the conditions for all our your sponsorships for student aid.

Thanks for participating. This will make a real difference!

Dr. Dan