Cinco de Mustache 2009!

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Maybe we should call it "Cinco de Multstache"...

Back, by popular demand, is the annual Cinco de Mustache celebration blog post. This year's celebration saw a record turnout of finely groomed undergrad gentlemen and some brave faculty.

We'll post more information in the coming days as more pics and vids come our way, but for now, here's this:

Stay tuned in the next week or so for our latest installment in the Cinco de Mustache series: "Multnomah Mustaches We Wish We Had."

2009 Multstache Celebration

The Song

"We Are The Champions"

Students/Staff: upload your pics and vids to the fan area of our Facebook Page or send them to me a

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3 comments “Cinco de Mustache 2009!”

I find it amusing that ‘Cielito Lindo’, the Mexican song that the ‘Cinco de Mustache’ theme song is weakly based on is sung from the perspective of a man to his pretty sweetheart. In light of MU’s tradition, I find verse three’s reference to ‘That beauty mark you have pretty darling, next to your mouth’ highly ironic!

Oh look at all those glorious staches! Beautiful!