Humanist Chaplains on College Campuses?

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We ran across an article this morning at that discussed a movement forming across the country where "spiritual non-theistic" (an oxymoron?) student groups are demanding "Secular Humanist Chaplains". Really.

Apparently, some atheists want guidance on how to believe in, well, nothing! (Ok, I jest, because the article states that they're actually seeking someone to help them be more "spiritually-informed ethical humans" - but without having to pay for a professional counselor. Sounds like a joke, but it's not.)

Real Chaplaincy

For a glimpse at a career that is full of reward and helping others understand the world around them as it unfolds in their professional ranks, think about Biblically-based Christian vocational chaplaincy.

Here is a very comprehensive resource about chaplain positions in our Career Center. Some of the fields you can work in:

  • chaplain_headerphotoMilitary
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Hospital
  • Sports
  • College
  • Plus many others

MBS Chaplaincy Programs

Multnomah Biblical Seminary offers 2 unique programs that will qualify you for this very important line of work:

  1. Master of Divinity - Chaplaincy Track
  2. Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies - Chaplaincy Track

Multnomah has many alumni who are now chaplains serving in very important roles all over the world. Here are just a few examples:

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It seems to me like it really isn’t a chaplain at that point. It’s akin to calling a horse a cow.