Being Thankful Anyway – An Alum Reflects

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(The following is an excerpt of an Alum letter received by Alumni Relations Director Michelle Peel after she sent out her November 2009 issue of the Alumni Connection email. It is posted here with full permission.)

The Letter

Dear Michelle,
Your latest update was quite good, (yup, I do read them), and it reminded me of just how much to be thankful for...

"Thankful?" Some may say, "Osi, you've had no job for a year, your savings are draining down. What do you have to be thankful for?"

 I have a son, now 14 months old, in perfect health and toddling around the house, even as write this.

"But OSI! You live in an old trailer home!" 

I have a home that is completely paid for, that no one can take away from me!

"OSI, you were miserably single for twenty years!"

God, in his providence and wisdom, kept me single for twenty years to teach me to value that beautiful specimen of femininity when she would enter my life. God kept me from countless possible heartbreaks because He knows that I'm easily carried away by my emotions. Yes, God was incredibly good towards me, though I whined about being single to him whenever I had the chance!

"OSI, you're a starving artist, an over-educated and unemployable cretin!"

I await my ultimate employment, at whatever position and place that God will put me. I can look back and NEVER see a time when my truest needs were not met. Never a time when I went hungry. Never a time when I was too cold or too hot... and in His grace and compassion, He didn't allow me to become inflamed with some idol or false worship. He directed me to Himself Who, above all, is my greatest possession!

I am now turning 44, and cannot, in all truth, see a time when God was not faithful.

"Does this unemployable, trailer home-living OSI have much to give thanks for?"

You bet!... And I should hope that you yourself give Thanks for all that He has blessed you with!

Keep up the good work and Happy Thansgiving! (I must depart, as my son is getting into something else that he isn't supposed to be!)

OSI, Stephanie & Devin Osgood

About OSI

Kevin Osi Osgood finished at Multnomah in December 2002. He got married in December 2005 to the lovely Stephanie Worrell, and they now currently have a 15 month-old son, Devin Phillip. They currently attend Open Door Fellowship in Mtn. Home, Idaho. Since Multnomah, Mr. Osgood has written 3 books on theology and continues pursuing a film-making career.

Are YOU Thankful Anyway?

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