Willard Aldrich Remembered in Pictures

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Dr. Willard Aldrich was a Multnomah Founder, Professor, President, and Trustee. He was a force for advancing the Gospel who's equal is rarely known. He lived a fruitful life on the Earth for nearly 101 years.

The Archives

We've been digging through archives and working with family members to find some memorable pictures for you. What we learned was that Willard was a man among men. He named bears, built the A-Frame, wrote poetry, worked on a farm, churned ice cream, photographed nature, preached the gospel, and left a legacy seen through the nearly four generations he influenced (Want proof? Just try counting his grandchildren and great-grandchildren!).

Our Favorite

Take a second to read the poem in the photo below that Dr. Aldrich wrote about this bear pictured here that he named "Virginia"...


Man Among Men

Click your way through the slideshow below.

For more information about Willard's passing and the memorial service, please see the previous posts about him here.

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