Women’s Ministry Pioneer Turns 93

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When you live to be 93 years-old, you've likely experienced and accomplished a lot of things. When your name is Dr. Pamela Reeve and you celebrate 93 years on this Earth, the list of experience and accomplishments is simply exceptional!

The List

  • NYU Grad
  • UCLA Grad
  • Architect
  • Counselor
  • Highschool Principal
  • College Dean
  • College Professor
  • Women's Ministry Degree Program Founder
  • Best-selling, multi-titled book author
  • Mentor
  • And too many more to list!

For further reading, check out more detailed (yet brief) bios here and here.

Happy 93rd!

(December 9, 2009)


A Seminary Lounger?

Did you know that because of her dual gifting in architecture and teaching that Dr. Reeve was instrumental in designing the Seminary Building known as Travis-Lovitt Hall? Her heart for community lead to the space with chairs and a fireplace known as the "Seminary Lounge"...or more accurately, the Dr. Pamela Reeve Student Community Lounge - dedicated in her honor on February 1, 2008.

See it by clicking on our virtual tour here: www.multnomah.edu/goto/virtualtour

  • Select "Travis-Lovitt Hall"
  • Then under the photo, select "Upstairs Lounge"
  • From there, you can navigate in full 360-degree views.

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15 comments “Women’s Ministry Pioneer Turns 93”

And don’t forget, Pam served–and continues to serve–as Multnomah’s first woman trustee!

Pamela is a wonderful woman of God whom I have so enjoyed getting to know at the Network for Women in Leadership meetings- her insight and wisdom inspire so many.

Cornelia Seigneur

Dr. Reeve–Congratulations on a milestone in a life well invested for God’s glory and the increase of His kingdom.

Dear Pamela, how wonderful that you’re completed 93 years! I didn’t realize that you and my parents were so close in age. My dad is also 93 and mom (Florence Hansen Cowan), were she still living, would be 94. I believe you and she overlapped at UCLA or at least were in a Christian Soroity together. She used to mention seeing you sometimes at their occasional meetings in southern California. Praise God that He has blessed you with health so as to be a trustee and continue in ministry. That is wonderful.
God’s richest blessings to you! Ruth Cowan, Lima, Peru (Gr year of 1974)

She was an amazing example to a brand new Christian-My heart for Women’s Ministry was nurtured through her!

Pamela Reeve has always been an inspiration to me. Her chats with women of the “grad class” and her classes were enlightening and rang so true as we heard them and now many years later in reflection. Feliz Navidad!

Dr. Reeves is one of the most influential people in my life. Her teaching in class, chapel and with RA’s has been a modeled for my life as I saw a women committed to Jesus Christ and to being the women that God wanted her to be. Though her input into my life was some 30 years ago, I am still remembering her life. Happy Birthday Dr. Reeves

From the time Carol and I met Pamela while in the Grad class of ’69 until we retired two years ago from Mission Aviation Fellowship, Pamela was a part of our support team. Happy Birthday Pamela! You are an inspiration.

I was at Multnomah the first year “Miss” Reeve came as Dean of Women. She had a profound influence on my life both in her teaching and in her counseling. The bookmark she designed and printed for us that related to Moses’ burning bush experience is still in my Bible. Her three-legged stool illustration concerning self-worth is still in my head. Her precious lessons on how to love someone who hurt me are still in my heart. When she spoke about self-worth at a women’s retreat my mother attended, my mom’s life was changed — she was a new woman, free from fear. Thank you, Dr. Reeve, and Happy Birthday!

Dear Pam Reeve,

Despite the geographical distance and the few points of contact between us since I graduated from Multnomah (1967), I still feel a close kinship with you and looking forward to catching up on all that’s happened in each of our lives since then, either in time or out of it!


P.S. You still look wonderful!

Dear Dr Reeve,

I remember the first day you came to Multnomah, at that point “women in ministry” took on a new, exciting and challenging aspect for all women that would study and be ministered to under your shadow.

It was an honour to get to know you during the summer while you were moving into your new home in Portland and then to be invited to spend time with you and your mother in your home was an extra special blessing. (Yes, I’m the one who climbed through the dorm window to unlock your door for you, to your amazement, we weren’t suppose to be able to do that.)

You have mentored many individuals in person and by your example. Your life radiates Jesus and His love, you are truly an inspiration. While pastoring in Alaska, your pioneer spirit and love for God and people have often come to mind and been an catalyst for forward movement in faith, trusting God.

You are still as beautiful as ever; even more radiant then that first day you stepped on the campus of Multnomah. May God continue to honour you with long life and good health as you walk on in Him. Love, Julia

Dear Miss Reeve,

Through the years my memories of the time spent with you at Multnomah only grow sweeter. You were one of very few mentors in my life that have made a huge, lasting impact. While the time was short, the results have been life changing. Thank you for who you were and who you continue to be…

Lovingly, maureen

Dr. Reeve,
This is very belated, but “Happy 93rd Birthday!” I’m afraid the busy life of a doctoral student caused me to postpone, then forget to read my Multnomah Alumni email until this evening! And I have to agree that you look as great as ever! You’ve always dressed with class.

I’m sure I’ve told you this before, but you have been a role model for me. It was your influence when I worked with you as an R.A. in the 70’s that brought me back to Multnomah as a Master’s student in ’98-03. And whenever I think of you, it is with great admiration and loving fondness.

I believe that you will be happy to know that I’m still pressing on in my doctoral studies. I’m starting the dissertation phase now, and am aiming to finish by the spring of 2012. And I remember your personal challenge to me to be strong to uphold God’s authoritative Word to the younger generation. I pray that I might be able to honor your challenge, as well as our glorious LORD. All praise be to His name!

With much love,
Debbie Dyk (maiden name: Northcott)

Dear Dr Reeve,

I’ve just read The List! But none mentioned what a generous supporter you are to missions. Maybe no one knew you have been giving quietly and secretly! Thank you very much for your years of faithful support to me. I love the 2 times, having tea with you, Ms Kehoe and Dr & Mrs Norm Cook. You all were so attentive, interested & engaged with my sharing. Thank You for encouraging me in the Lord’s calling to my life. I thank the Lord for leading me to Multnomah. I was a quiet International student and so never have I thought that you took notice of me and after I graduated and went to the mission field you stood by me all these 18 years! Thank You Dr Reeve. May the Lord continue to bless you as you serve Him. Happy 93 and a half birthday!!

Dear Dr. Reeve,

I have many fond memories of my association with you from my one year at Culter Academy. You may not remember this, but I had a “teenage brainstorm” to take the Junior and Senior years together (1948-1949) so that I could graduate with my friends. You warned me it would be a lot of hard work, and it was! But you had the FAITH in me to let me do it, and I had the time of my life. I will never forget your kind advice and encouragement! God bless you as you continue to walk with Him. I lost my husband, Ron Glaser (another ’49 alumni of Culter) in 2003, and recently married a fine Christian man. God continues to bless us and I am forever grateful for my wonderful years at Culter and your magnificent Christian witness.