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Here is an email we received from Frankie Everett after her time at the taping of her Wheel of Fortune appearance that is happening Thursday 3/11 @ 7:30 pm on KATU 2 (Portland) ABC...but check your local listings.

So, below is the history of how it all started, and I have attached a few pictures from the only place on the premises we were allowed to take photos (after the taping was done)… those are cardboard cutouts of Pat and Vanna.

WOF1Taping Wheel, Recruiting Students!

The day started early as we had to take the shuttle to the studio by 7:30.  We were greeted with another shuttle to take us to the warehouse where they do the taping.  We got our makeup done early and just hung out in the audience until it was our turn to be on stage.  Oh, and the stage – so tiny! It doesn’t look near the size it is on TV.  I met a bunch of people who will also be airing their show the same week.  One lady is a pastor’s wife from Canada, who actually knows of Multnomah!  I also sat with a teacher from Arizona and met her husband and kids after the show (she hung out to see how I did)… you know, after we were allowed to talk to our guests.  My friends Rob Fox (MU alum) and Laura  took the trip to cheer me on in L.A.  After I was done taping, there was a guy in the audience that came up to introduce himself to me.  He is a student at PSU, and thinking about coming to MU, so I gave him my card and a little shout-out for why MU is a great place to be.


Making a Commercial

We got the chance to tape a commercial for our local station, so watch for that if it airs.  We also got a chance to practice spinning the wheel, and we met Charlie, the voice behind the prize descriptions.  Pretty surreal to listen to his voice and watch him talk at the same time.  There was a group of junior high kids there that day touring the studio, it was so fun to watch them go around on the stage and get to touch the wheel.

Um, A Different Kind of "Taping"

Oh, and the prizes on the wheel… attached with double-sided tape!  Pretty funny – after all these years, they still don’t do anything fancy to attach them.  We taped 6 shows that day – and Pat and Vanna go back behind the puzzle board and change in between each one.  When it was our turn to tape, we had our makeup touched up in between each puzzle, and a bubbly contestant crewmember would give us a pep talk about smiling a lot and being smart with spinning and using vowels.  Lots of direction, and voices, and stand up taller, smile, clap, etc.!

Viewing Party

You are invited to join us in the JCA Commuter Center on Thursday to watch with Frankie and her family and celebrate with them. The show begins at 7:30 and only lasts until 8:00 but we would love to have as many of you there as can join us and squeeze in the Commuter Center!

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