Test Out The New Beta Site

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As has been rumored for about a year now - we've been developing the next generation of the Multnomah Website. We are nearing completion, and to drum up some buzz about the re-launch, we thought we'd give you a little sneak peak at our new beta.

We're still fiddling with the design, but we think you'll agree - it really makes a statement!


(Oh yeah, turn up your speakers when you go there)

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14 comments “Test Out The New Beta Site”

It never gets old! I still think it’s great. Ha!

Lord have mercy on us all.

I teach students to avoid websites like this. 🙂

I fully support this amazing piece of work.

It makes a statement for sure! But so does Barney the purple dinosaur.

PLEASE tell me this is a joke. Yes it’s quite a statement… but I believe it’s a statement that will lose Multnomah lots of credibility.

Has anyone read the statement at the bottom middle of the page?

I am not really liking it…too distracting and where in the world is that music from…and primary colors accross the top banner…are we going back to elementary school???

Very disappointed that the flowers around the prayer chapel were complete washed out in the background. Where is the Lion mascot? Who’s idea was it to not include the bridge leading to the Library entrance as the photo center point anyway?? Maybe let the “B” Team have a shot at throwing down the new website. Really man!!

I think whoever made that page should be given a raise.

OK everyone…in case you haven’t figured it out yet, this was a fake site – only set up to create some buzz about http://www.multnomah.edu – which has now been relaunched for REAL!

Just let my Great Grandma check out the new site and she clapped and thought it was wonderful!! Women who reach the age of 121 do have some good thoughts on trends and ideas.

I clicked on Beta just to see
What all the buzz was for.
But all I saw were busy bees
And flashing lights and more.

But if you want to be aware
Of something really sweet,
Check out MU’s newest fare
And you will find it’s neat!

Wow! Very nice, Carol!