Brand New Website (This Time, It’s Real)!

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Ok, after all the buzz created by the horrible "beta" site, we've actually launched the real, brand new site!

There are still some items that we're hammering out (isn't that always the thing about websites?) - but we're now live.

Take a minute to browse (and then breath a sigh of relief that the fake site we put up for fun was not true if you were taken in by it!).

Something Wrong?

We will be re-launching some key items over the coming weeks and months (like some Alumni features and the Blogosphere, etc), but if you see a fatal error, please let us know at

(Also, we're already aware of some strange issues with Internet Explorer 7 - but those should be repaired within a day of this posting)

(Finally, we are not averse to criticism at Multnomah - and believe it, we get a LOT - but please just be civil!)

Where's The Intranet?!

Don't worry, it's there in the footer at the bottom of the page. We recommend that frequent users of the Intranet bookmark it for their ease in the future.

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9 comments “Brand New Website (This Time, It’s Real)!”

much better…easy to surf…

Hmm…the website seems more geared to prospective students and alumni…what happened to the links for current students, like SelfService and Intranet…I can seem them at the bottom, but why aren’t they in a convienent location, say at the top of the webpage?

@Jason – Thanks for taking a look! The website has always been primarily an “external” tool for folks who aren’t already “in” – as in, folks who don’t have access to the Intranet and all the tools there that current students and employees need.

The information contained on the site is accurate information for everyone (yes, that’s you too, current students!) so we do feel like we’re taking care of current students. So the tools for folks with password access are mostly (believe us, we know how folks are using things online) accessed by bookmarks and other methods of directly linking in. Most users (the vast majority) who use the intranet and the tools inside of it do not access it via the homepage of our external website.

We love current students and hope you understand the reasons behind some of these decisions.

Thanks for the feedback and I hope the adjustment isn’t too painful!

Also, I should add that the old “Current Students” section of the old site was – and I kid you not – basically the exact same as the old “Prospective Students” section (just with less in it, actually).

So, having everything in one section with this new site is easier for everyone.

But we do understand it will take some getting used to if you use the Intranet link that is now on the bottom.

Great job you guys!

Wow!!! I like the new site. Much better than that hack job beta site. Whoever did that should be shot. Keep up the great work guys … and Kristen.

@Davin – It takes a true eye for what’s right to get that Beta site so wrong! Thanks for doing it for us!

Very nice work with the website! I really like it and I also think it’s much better then the hack job beta website. Kristen and the guys, you should be proud!

Great job guys! Really love the new site which looks very good! Keep up the good work.