Kigali Team Update 1

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Safe Arrival In Rwanda

The Multnomah Kigali Konvey team has finally made it to Rwanda, Africa and had met Fred Katagwa at the airport. But before we had arrived in Kigali, we had taken a long journey from Portland to Washington D.C to London to Kenya and then finally to our destination. It has been such an experience to go on this journey together and learn new things together. Like Dr. G says, "Don't be afraid to make mistakes". We have been taking risks, traveling in London and touring that city when we had our 14-hour layover there. It was fun just being in that city. But that city alone was not the only one that impressed us. When we got to Kigali, the hosts of Africa New Life guesthouse, the driver, the translators and all who we have encountered have welcomed us wholeheartedly. It was just like returning home.

New Friends & Worship

This morning, our first activity was to go to the dream house and share God's love to the streetkids. The experience there and the kids there are so amazing. Everyone wanted to be around us, everyone wanted to know our name, and most of all they really loved cameras and taking pictures. When we got there we were able to see how the streetkids worshipped and how they lived. Their way of worship was so amazing. They jumped with genuine joy for God, with only the bongos for beat and people to sing the lyrics for them to repeat. While we were there with the streetkids, we were able to put on our drama skit, share some testimonies, and Dr. G gave a message on the parable of the sower. Just being around these kids have really made all of us realize how little these kids do not have but how real their love is for God. It has been such an eye opener for all of us and I know that our lives will continue to change as we stay here in Kigali.

Stay Tuned For More Updates

After visiting the streetkids, we came back to the guesthouse for lunch and pretty soon we will be going to the Rwanda genocide memorial site. This will be very emotional, I know it, but it will be helpful for us to know how far the people of Rwanda have come after that incident.

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