Kigali Team Update 2

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More Safe Arrivals

Last night, before the team headed to bed, Dr. Tom and Bonnie Kopp arrived to the guesthouse. It was great to know that they had arrived safely, even though they had complications with their luggage at the airport. After meeting with the Kopps, the team headed off to bed to get some rest for the next day.

The Dream Center

Our first activity in the morning was to go visit the women’s ministry at the Dream Center. We were picked up by our driver George, who is a very good driver on these crazy streets!

When we arrived at the Dream Center, we were able to greet the women, share testamonies, perform our skit, and give a message. The message this time was given by Dori Halsey, which seemed appropriate as she is a woman who has a great heart for God. For those who may not know Dori, she helped with the cataloguing of the Kigali books. She has helped in so many ways and it was an awesome surprise to know that she wanted to join the team.

The Skit

Right before Dori gave her message to the women, the team performed the skit. This skit had been prepared in Portland and directed by Noelle. She has been such a great director, giving the character roles to those who would fit the characters. Michael had been chosen to be Satan and he did such a great job of being evil. Dr. G had been given the role of Jesus. All the other team members were just the other demons needed in the play. After performing this play twice, once to the kids and the second to the women, we realized that it had been effective in the different ministries. Because it had been so effective, Fred suggested that the team continue performing the skit whereever we go and to all the different ministries.

Genocide Sites

As I mentioned yesterday, we went to one of the memorial genocide sites. Today we visited another memorial. Visiting there with the translators and tour guides has been hard on us all to take in all the information and graphic pictures of what happened in Rwanda. It is a different experience watching a documentary and feeling for the people compared to actually walking on the grounds of the places where people have been murdered. Although it has been tough during those memorial sites, the team has learned and understood more about the people here in Rwanda. They have been hurting for too long and now they need some healing. The team has the mission of healing the people through our messages of hope. The hope that God has not forgotten them and that they are loved by Him. This has been another good day for us.

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