Kigali Update 3

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Bible Marathon

Saturday, June 12
Today was the day that we were to hold our Bible marathon with the English-speaking college students. It was such an awesome experience to have it with the college students for they said that it was such an encouragement for them. We started at 9am and ended at 1pm. There were a lot of college students who came out to join the Bible marathon and these students were very excited to be there. It has been a good fun filled relaxed day for the team. Although we relaxed today, we know that tomorrow, our schedule is looking really full.

Church Service in Rwanda

Sunday, June 13
Church this morning was just so beautiful. The worship, the drama, the sermon, and the people. It was an experience that we would never forget. All the things that we planned for were multiplied more than we had expected. Pastor Charles gave the sermon message and it was straight to the heart. God knows what He is doing, and we are just leaving it up to Him to use the team as His tool to glorify His kingdom.

We attended two of their services, the first one was in English and the second one was in Kinyarwanda. After the service we attended the youth fun day and Noelle was put into the fashion show. It was so great just to laugh and relax with the people here. They are real friendly and just so genuine.

Pray For Health

Although we been having such a great time, some of the team members in the group are coming down with a sickness. Michael has been having some sinus problems and it has not gone away yet. Dr. G is getting a little more exhausted and his body is not feeling too great. Dori has not been able to hold down her food and is having to stay back from the activities we have planned. Fray has been having a skin reaction to something and David has been having an upset stomach with the medicine that we are taking. I just want to ask everyone to pray for our team members and their health. We know that these are just obstacles to stop us from sharing the Good News, but it will not stop us.

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