Kigali Update 4

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Schools & Orphanages

June 15, 2010
Today, we went to visit the Kayonza school and it is amazing how that place came to be. Each and every brick of the school building was made by God specifically. Fred was telling us the story of how the place came to be and he told us about how a business man in Oregon just started promoting the school. The motto was “buy a brick”. So every brick that was bought by people of Oregon, has been put into the buildings of the school. Now it is a wonderful place for children to come learn primary school and secondary school. Next to the school are the orphanage homes. These homes are not ordinary because ANL made sure that the sponsored orphanages felt at home. So each of these homes are decorated with love and care.

Humbling Village

After visiting the school and sharing a little bit of what the team brought, we moved on to the home villages. These homes are so humbling. The majority of them were little huts, made out of mud and a little bit of cow dung, that held about five people. After visiting the villagers, it really made us feel more appreciative of the things that we have. These people have nothing and yet we, who are considered well-off complain about not having enough. This was definitely humbling.

Your Prayers & Our Well-being

Thank you for all the prayers, Dori and the rest of the team have been feeling a little better. We are continually striving to serve God and He is continually showing us His plan for us. God Bless!

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