Kigali Update 5

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School Visits

June 16, 2010
The Konvey Team traveled to Kageyo today and was able to have a look at the primary school there. The children there were a much different compared to the children in Kayoza. Each team member had their own little group of kids when we got to Kageyo. It was such an experience to be around people who do not get to see a lot of Americans. During our time there we were constantly surrounded by the children.

Growing Crops in the National Park

After visiting the school and seeing where the new church building was going to be, we started on our home visits again. This time, the houses were better made than the ones in the other city. The people that live in Kageyo were kicked out of Tanzania recently and forced to return back to Rwanda. It has been a tough life for them, because when they were kicked out they could not bring anything with them. They were pretty much starting their life with nothing and are still living with nothing. With the little crop that they are able to grow in that national park area, it is not enough to be able to survive and support the family. It is a very difficult place to live in.

As we visited this city, we were able to see where the crusade was going to be. The organizing team of the crusade is expecting thousands of people to be at there. Please pray that it goes well and that it may open up people’s hearts to accept Christ into their lives. Dr. G is going to be evangelizing the first day and Fray and David are giving their testimonies for the first day of the crusade. Please pray that they are given strength and the ability to speak God’s truth.


June 17, 2010
Our journey began as soon as we had finished breakfast. We first visited a university and after the tour, we set out for Kageyo. The ride going there was not as bad as the first day because we were prepared for the long ride. When we got to the place, the crowd was already starting to gather, so we had to move quickly on setting up the stage and the chairs for the audience. It was a good workout for all of us.

During the crusade, a lot of things did not go according to plan but we knew that we had to leave it up to God to smooth everything out. There were performance from a couple of the choirs and youth groups. After we performed our drama and song, Dr. G gave his message on the Prodigal Son. He did such a fantastic job. And at the end of the night, so many people chose to commit their lives to God. God was definitely at work and His hands were moving hearts. It is such a joy to see the people stand up, raising their hands because they wanted to accept Christ into their lives. When we thought that everything was not going right, God knows exactly what He is doing. God was at work and we know that the devil is not happy. I just want to ask all of you to pray for the people of Kageyo who have committed their lives to Jesus. Pray that they may not falter but be strengthen by the Lord Almighty.

Old-Fashioned Witnessing

June 18, 2010
The team again, traveled to Kageyo for the Crusade. The roads are long and they are rough but we have managed to overcome them the last few days. When we got to Kageyo, we split up into teams and went from house to house preaching the gospel. It was amazing how God was working in the peoples lives because out of the two groups we had 7 people came to Christ after we visited them. Praise the Lord for the people who have come to Christ. After our house visits, we went to the crusade and saw those same people worshipping God. When we were done worshipping, giving testimonies, performing the drama, and giving a message, we headed back to the mission house. Being involved in the crusade and seeing people committing themselves to Christ is so great. It is a life change for those people who are newly converted christians and it is also life changing for those who saw them committing their lives. Let's continue to pray for those who just committed their lives, so that they may be strong even when tribulation comes. God Bless.

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