Kigali Update 6

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June 19, 2010
The next activity that was scheduled for the team was to attend Steven and Florence’s wedding. Their wedding cermony was just about the same as any American wedding, but their reception was different. During the reception, they had traditional Rwandan dancing, and both sides of the families had to welcome each other to the family. In the Rwanda traditon, there is a bride price to pay. The bride price is usually paid in cattles.

After the wedding reception, we came back to the mission house. We actually left the reception a little bit early. The days of the team returning to America are coming close. We are excited to come back to the states, but also very sad to leave the friends that we have made here in Rwanda.

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone for praying for the team and their health. Each team member has been on their feet and has been involved in all the ministry that has been on our agenda. It was because of prayer that each team member is feeling better and that we are able to carry on. God bless.

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