Kigali Update 8 – Final Team Report

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The Rundown

June 28, 2010
Dear Multnomah Family,

We returned from Kigali, Rwanda tired, but rejoicing. God continued to do more than we asked or thought during the June 7-23 trip.

  • We lead African college students in two Bible Marathons (Luke & Proverbs)
  • We visited three genocide sites to feel the heart of Rwanda and break our own
  • We had three days of three hours each with 100 street kids with whom we fell in love
  • We presented two Sunday services (Kigali & Kayonza churches)
  • We visited a Kigali University and asked questions of an administrator
  • We spoke at Africa New Life women's groups & staff meetings
  • We represented MU at the REST college dedication (books have not yet arrived)
  • We ministered to two schools (800 students each) started by ANLM
  • We formed close bonds with our translators and attended a staff member's wedding
  • We visited homes delivering food and sharing the gospel with four people responding
  • We raised over $2,000 in support to supply food and support for the Kagayo festival
  • We helped to lead a two day evangelistic festival at a refugee camp of 5,000 in Kagayo. About 1,000 attended and about 75 made professions of faith
  • We all want to return to African friends and new converts with praise to God that we had the honor of being His ambassadors

The Kigali Konvey Team,

Dr G, Noelle Schultz, David Ingram, Alisha Vang, Michael Martini, Frances "Fray" Jones

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DAKU KUNDA, DAKU SHAKA, DAKU FUZA, MUMU TIMA!!!! (A song that we-Kigali Konvey Team learned) while in Rwanda