Discrimination Against Christians In Academia?

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In a recent Inside Higher Ed article by Wheaton College professor Timothy Larsen, the case is made that discrimination against Christians (especially evangelicals) in colleges and universities might be seen by academics as an acceptable blind spot.


Nevertheless, scholars ought to be concerned that Christians often report that the academy is a hostile environment. Are academics generally glad that such a perception exists? If not, how might it be dispelled? If it is based on genuine experiences, what can be done about a climate that tolerates religious discrimination? If the two stories presented here are merely assailable, anecdotal evidence, then why not gather information on this issue more systematically? Do academic institutions ever try to discover if their Christian students or scholars experience discrimination?

The Article

No Christianity Please, We’re Academics

In this, the final month of decision-time for students around the country about where they will spend the next year of college, it is important to consider such cultural issues. Have any of you experienced this? Is this OK? The name of Jesus Christ is offensive to many, and if you claim it should you not experience some form of discrimination? Or is this a double-standard in a segment of society who purports to be "seeking truth"?

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