The Greatest Christian Albums of All Time

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When you think about the "big names" in Christian music history, who comes to mind? Petra?The 77's? Maybe you go back to Larry NormanKeith Green or Steve Taylor, or more recent groups like DC Talk or Jars of Clay. Perhaps you think of Christian faith-influenced albums by artists like Bob Dylan or U2.

Whatever comes to mind, Dave Lowman's blog The Greatest Christian Albums of All Time is guaranteed to either teach you a thing or two, or take you on a trip down memory lane (probably both). As Dave describes it,

This is a journey through the history of Christian Music as I

count down and review some of the greatest Christian Music in its history. The countdown of the Top 50 is just the beginning…

The top 50 is complete, the "honorable mentions" have begun. Each blog entry has a wealth of information about the artist, their album(s), and what it is that makes them such an influential part of Christian music history.

The Author: A Christian Music "Insider" Dave Lowman is Multnomah University's faithful ad rep over at KPDQ (hence the connection to MU). I've been told that Dave is a Christian music "insider" whose contact list is a "who's-who in the Christian music industy," and that "he was there when CCM was just a newsletter." It doesn't take very long on his blog to discover that this is absolutely true. Dave's articles are filled with detailed history and stories of personal interaction with the artists The Inside Scoop In the review of DC Talk's album Jesus Freak, Dave's first-hand experience is revealed as he talks about the friendships he's build with Toby, Mike, and Kevin. He takes the reader on a brief, yet comprehensive journey through the group's history, leading up to what the guys are doing now that DC Talk is (still) on hiatus. Similar stories of personal interaction abound in each review/history lesson Dave presents. Take a Look So what are you waiting for? Head on over to The Greatest Christian Albums of All Time and be prepared to learn something new about modern Christian music's rich history. You're almost certain to discover some new (old) music. I know I have! Bonus Question Are there any albums you think are missing from Dave's list? Do you agree or disagree with any of his selections? Discuss.

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2 comments “The Greatest Christian Albums of All Time”

Michael Been of The Call passed away today at the age of 60. Their stand out album, Reconciled, was number 24 on the countdown.

Micheal passed away? Wow.. My respect goes out to him. Reconciled was a great album