Emergency Notification System – 2010

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Be Safe. Be Informed.

Last Spring, Multnomah launched a new Emergency Notification System - you may again be seeing posters around campus that look like the one below. It is a part of our ongoing effort to ensure greater campus safety and communication. Hopefully, we'll never have to use it, but in the event that something serious happens, we would like to spread the word quickly!

The Facts

  • Employees are required to participate (but not eligible for a free shirt)
  • Student participation is opt-in (currently, only your Multnomah-issued email address is listed)
  • You will need your Multnomah ID - and will need to include the "P" at the beginning of your number
  • All current students who register by September 14th will be entered in to a drawing for either a Multnomah t-shirt or a $10 print credit
  • It can notify you via cell, text, voice, email...you just tell it what to do
  • We will never use it for routine communication or marketing - not even for weather closures
  • We will only use it in the event that we need immediate action on campus because there is a threat to life and limb.
  • We will conduct one system-wide test at 9am on 9/28.

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