A Memory Of Financial Aid Blessings

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Recently, an alum sent us some encouragement regarding our efforts to always improve how we deal with student financial aid.


A few years ago, I was reminded about the wonderful blessing I received from the Student Aid fund in 1969.  I put that experience in writing and I have attached it to this email.  I hope it will be a blessing to you also.

The Letter

My Heavenly Father Cares

I attended Multnomah Bible College in Portland, Oregon from 1967 to 1970, after working for five years as a secretary and bookkeeper.  I was able to pay my freshman expenses from savings and the sale of my car. Then, I was privileged to work in the campus bookstore and had a summer job to pay for my junior year.  I assumed that I would also be able to find a job in Bremerton, WA (my home town) for the summer between my junior and senior years. I went everywhere in Bremerton, filling out applications, but no one would hire me.  That was so frustrating!  I volunteered to help with Child Evangelism activities and did some baby sitting,

During my freshman year, I received a very clear call from the Lord for missionary service, so I was excited about that.  During the summer before my senior year, I decided to have a yard sale to recycle some of my possessions that I would not need on the mission field, so that gave me some funds for my school expenses, but I was a long way from having the amount that was needed to pay for the first semester of my senior year.  The tuition, board and room was approximately $1,700 per semester in those days. J

The next day I received two letters in the mail.  One letter was from Dr. Lytle who was the Dean of Students at Multnomah. He said that there had been an unusual amount of donations to the Student Aid fund that summer. Even though I had not applied for Student Aid, they could offer me $250 per semester, if I needed it.  It had never occurred to me to ask for Student Aid because I was so sure that I would find a job for the summer.  I was totally amazed by that letter.

The other letter was from Mrs. Alice Taylor who was the Personnel Manager of Christian Supply Centers.  She said they had scheduled a big sale at the downtown Portland Christian Supply Center store for two weeks in August and they were going to be short handed. She wondered if I would be willing to come to Portland early and help out in the store.  She said I could stay with Mrs. Schultz who was the manager of the campus bookstore.  Then I could help Mrs. Schultz set up the campus bookstore for the new school year.  She told me what my salary would be for those three weeks.

I sat down and figured out how close I would be to paying the first semester expenses, and came to the conclusion that I was exactly $50 short of paying it in full.  That was totally AMAZING! I certainly was not going to worry about $50.

When it came time to register for first semester, there was a note in my mailbox from Dr. Lytle asking me to come to his office before going to the Business Office.  I did that and he said that they had continued to receive more donations for Student Aid, so they could offer me another $50 if I needed it.  He didn’t know that I needed exactly $50 to pay the first semester in full! I was in total awe, but managed to tell him that I would accept it with great gratitude.

A year after graduation I left for South Africa to serve the Lord with TEAM.  There have been many times when the Lord has reminded me again that He is my Father and He will take care of everything.

My favorite verses are:

  • I Thessalonians 5:24 – “He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.”
  • Jeremiah 29:11 – “I know the plans that I have for you;” declares the Lord. “They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope.”

Sincerely In Him,

Esther Shafer
MSB Diploma, '70

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