An Alumni Survey & A Kindle Winner

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Recently, we embarked on a research project to help us review how Multnomah is doing in many aspects of the enrollment process. Part of this involved surveying recent alumni about the value of a Multnomah education - thanks to everyone who participated! In return for returning the survey we gave away a Kindle to a randomly drawn winner. Below is a summary from Vice President and College Academic Dean Dr. Wayne Strickland.


Multnomah Alumni Came Through!

We surveyed the more recent classes of alumni and had a great response of almost 800 in a very short time period. The data collected was very encouraging and the general verdict was appreciation for the Multnomah education you received. In an effort to continue to strive towards excellence, we plan to use the information collected to make our programs even better! Thanks to those of you who participated and for the way you came through with such vital information for us!

The Winner

As has been announced, Ben Tertin is the proud owner of a new Kindle! Ben, congratulations on winning the drawing.

Alums, may God be your strength as you serve His kingdom,
Dr. Wayne Strickland

From The Winner

"The survey was basically asking for my impressions of Multnomah, and because I've grown to love this school so much, it seemed like a good idea to answer its questions. The Kindle was a side bonus I suppose. I’ve been enrolled here full-time, in both the undergrad and seminary, for five years. My marriage is incredible. My little girl has a dad who loves Jesus more than he knew was possible. My ministry is vibrant and full of life. And my time here has been nothing short of awesome. In the physical and spiritual senses, this life God has given me will be eternally better because of the way Multnomah has taught and loved and cared for me. Thank you so much!"

(Aww're just sayin' that 'cause you got a Kindle! We love you too, Ben...and all your fellow alumni!)

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