The Coffee Shop’s New Name

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You may recall this contest to rename the campus coffee shop (formerly known as "Solid Rock Cafe" from the old location). With the remodeling of the cafe, it was time for a fresh name to be created and chosen by students!

The Winner

We are pleased to announce the new name of the coffee shop:


The students voted in an overwhelming majority to name the coffee shop after Roger, a man who is beloved across this campus for his hospitality, service and love for his community. (What's really neat is that they all wrote in the name on the ballots and the committee listened!)

There was a prize set to go to the winner of the contest, but the community decided that it should go to Roger himself - so he got the prize and a signature drink will be named after him (and, of course, the Cafe actually gets named after him).

Commemoration Ceremony

  • Tuesday, November 2nd
  • 11am
  • Roger's Coffee Shop

Come help us dedicate the new name and celebrate Roger, a faithful friend and servant to Multnomah. Mark your calendars and be sure to attend this event. We will also be publishing photos of the new coffee shop in a later post.

Congratulations, Roger!

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2 comments “The Coffee Shop’s New Name”

What a great choice of a name! Looking forward to seeing the photos of the new coffee shop! =)

Nobody could be more humble, sincere, faithful & loving at MU than Roger. Congrats to Roger!! and good choice, students