Cinco de Mustache 2010

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Whether you're an alum who is no longer on campus, a staff member who eats at a different time, or even a student or faculty member who had to be in class, you missed out on a glorious display of manliness that would have made the Old Spice Guy proud. I was especially pleased at the number of gentlemen who were able to capture the debonair sophistication of the mustache.

The Women Get in the Spirit of Things

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the event was ladies' involvement (... that and the fox pelt draped over Ben Thomas's shoulder). Wait until the last few seconds of this video to see what I mean:

At first, I thought it was only one table of women who got into the spirit of things, but as I walked through the lunchroom to leave, I realized just how many of Multnomah's ladies were motivated to "celebrate" Cinco de Mustache with the guys. (If anyone has any photos, please send one or two to us)

Mustaches Past

Just in case you haven't had enough Cinco de Mustache for the year, why not revisit some of our previous years' tributes to this much-anticipated school holiday.

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Thank you SOOOO much for posting this! I’m staff that was sick today. In the history of Cinco, this was the very first one I’ve ever missed. I’m glad I was able to see it still. It’s my favorite part of the year.