The Grace Card Movie Pre-Screen Exclusive!

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Do you like free stuff? And not the sort of free stuff that is free because no one else wants it - free stuff that you actually would pay for under normal circumstances?

So do we.

Feature Film For Free!

All Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni are invited to a special pre-screening of the upcoming movie (yeah, big enough to actually be in theaters in February!) The Grace Card! This movie comes out in February in major theaters and the Multnomah community gets to see it now!

  • Save your money, it's FREE
  • Mitchel Library Classroom L101
  • 11/19/10 @ 7pm!

But Hurry & RSVP

You must RSVP to print your ticket because there are only 190 seats available. (But if they seem to have a ton of people wanting it, they might do a 2nd screening, might.

Get Your Tickets - Evite HERE! -


More Free Stuff

If you fill out a little survey and tell them what you think of their movie, you'll get a little thank you gift on the way out the door! It has some of the stuff pictured here.

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