10 Things To Know About Student Debt

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As our December grads prepare to move on from Multnomah - some with student loans and other debt - we'd like to encourage you to take smart steps. The Financial Aid Department thinks that you'll find the following list helpful as you begin to consider your finances and loan repayment in the coming months.

Ten Things To Know

The Project on Student Debt is doing some good work - they made this list. We've only listed the headers from the list here (you know, plagiarism is a big issue, so we don't want to steal all their work!).

To get the full list go to:

  1. Know Your Loans
  2. Know Your Grace Period
  3. Stay in Touch with Your Lender
  4. Pick the Right Repayment Option
  5. Don't Panic
  6. Stay out of Trouble!
  7. Lower Your Principal if You Can
  8. Pay Off the Most Expensive Loans First
  9. To Consolidate or Not to Consolidate?
  10. Loan Forgiveness

Again, there is great information for each one of these items above if you just go to the site where they came from.

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One Response to “10 Things To Know About Student Debt”

As somebody who used this resource in the past, I can’t recommend it enough (and good on Multnomah for posting to it). Student loans of the last decade were not created to be your friend, and these tips and resources can *really* help.