Save On Taxes, Help Students, In 5 minutes

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As 2010 draws to an end, I am writing to you about Multnomah's vision for the future and how you can support our students.


Vision is a word we've been using a lot lately at Multnomah. As we look back on this past year we can't help but reflect upon our new vision "to become a biblical university of global influence that dynamically shapes Christian students into ambassadors of Jesus Christ, saturated in Scripture and ready to serve."

I love this statement! It recognizes our strong, biblical heritage. It is the foundation from which we explore deeply what it means for Multnomah University to prepare students to serve as ambassadors all over the world.

Tax Deductable End-of-Year Gift

If you haven't made a decision on where to send your end-of-year gifts, please consider making an online donation to Multnomah. It's a quick and easy way to be a part of Multnomah's vision, and it can be claimed on your 2010 taxes if done by December 31st.

Thank you for your consideration and for being personally invested in what God is doing here at Multnomah University as we transform the world one graduate at a time.

With appreciation,

Dr. Daniel R. Lockwood
President, Multnomah University

Why wait? It only takes 5 minutes - but you have to do it before midnight, December 31st!

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Dr. Daniel R. Lockwood is Multnomah University's fourth president. Inaugurated in 1997, he has overseen an era of exceptional transitions. Under his leadership, Multnomah has achieved regional accreditation; solidified name and logo branding; changed to a University structure; built several buildings and launched numerous new programs.