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Hello Again Alumni!

How can three weeks have just flown by? I guess it just shows that time flies when you are having fun! Since my last posting, there have been so many things going on here in the Alumni Department. For instance, this last Thursday on January 20th the Alumni Department organized a Student vs. Alumni Game Show chapel as a part of our Homecoming week. Set up much like a Jeopardy and Family Feud hybrid, the show had two "panel style" teams that raced to buzz in first for the opportunity to answer the question read by our game show host, Michelle Peel, Director of Alumni Relations. These questions varied in topic from information about Multnomah’s history to current culture. Our game show winners took home an alumni tote bag and Alumni Association coffee mug, and our runner up team Alumni Association key chains.

Michelle PeelAlumni Team

Representing our Alumni team, we had Lisa Hezmalhalch (BS '08), Vanessa Eisenzimmer (BS '09), David Manning (BS '88), Jon Gonsalves (BS '09), and faculty member Dr. Mike Gurney (BA '92). On our student team, we had AJ Elzinga (Junior), Ben Bedlion (Sophomore), Kristen Leach (Junior), Caitlin Hillygus (Junior), and faculty member Professor Dan Christiansen (MA '02).

As our game commenced, the atmosphere was playfully competitive as buzzers were slammed and the alumni team and student team fought against each other to win. Both sides were very animated and full of playful banter, but in the end it was the student team that triumphed. When the students were asked the secret to their success, they proudly announced that they had gotten together in their free time the night before and studied! Both surprised and delighted, I asked them to describe their experience.

Student Says

Kristen Leach, currently a junior and majoring in Communication Studies responded:

Caitlin (Hillygus) and I thought it would be beneficial to prepare for the game show, so we got the group of us four students together to research Multnomah's history. It was so interesting and fun learning so many new things! We memorized things from the four presidents of the school, the history of how the school came to be, and the core themes. A couple of our favorite finds were learning about Dr. Lockwood's black belt and his two cats, Brewster and Bradford!

If you would like to be involved by volunteering your time to produce fun events like this one, please feel free to e-mail Ronnie Glazner in the Alumni Department,

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Lol! That is a hilarious picture of dr. Christiansen.